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Two routers in piggy back

  Blubottle 12:23 11 Apr 2019

Hi I have two routers in piggy back one is my main router the secound is DD WRT with VPN. Although the second router is working well with VPN I cannot get into it to set up it's security.Each time I enter the IP address it just logs into the primary router therefor the VPN router is open without security. One router is a TP link and the secondary vpn router is a Linksys, I must be doing something wrong. some help and advice please.

  Blubottle 18:35 12 Apr 2019

Yes that seem’s good advice.

  x13 18:53 12 Apr 2019

Back to basics might give a clue How to set up a dedicated VPN router with two routers. Although if you log in to the router's IP addy you should get the TP-Link's set up as the VPN router should be 'invisible' hence it is a VPN or should be.

Good luck anyway as I use a VPN software rather than hardware.

  wee eddie 19:18 12 Apr 2019

I'm honoured to be mentioned in such exalted company

  Blubottle 07:48 13 Apr 2019

Thank you, the confusing fact is that when I log into the dd wrt network on my desktop it shows it as unsecured, my bitdefender security anti virus also warns me everytime that this network is unsecured, when I check all local networks again my dd wrt is shown as unsecured. This is the reason for my original post.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:06 13 Apr 2019

Bluebottle, is it the wireless connection you need to secure? If it is then try this:

Connect to the second (DD WRT) router's wireless network, open a Command Prompt window, type this in then press Enter:

ipconfig /all

Look down the list for the wireless-connection section and make a note of its "Default Gateway" address. That should be the address of the router so type it into a web browser. Hopefully you'll get in and you'll be able to enable wireless security.

  jswami653 10:24 13 Apr 2019

Thanks, for sharing this informative post.

  Blubottle 12:33 13 Apr 2019

Yes thanks JSwami653 I've tried that before and it just opens up my primary router the TP link but not the Linksys which is the piggy back DD WRT

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