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Two routers in piggy back

  Blubottle 12:23 11 Apr 2019

Hi I have two routers in piggy back one is my main router the secound is DD WRT with VPN. Although the second router is working well with VPN I cannot get into it to set up it's security.Each time I enter the IP address it just logs into the primary router therefor the VPN router is open without security. One router is a TP link and the secondary vpn router is a Linksys, I must be doing something wrong. some help and advice please.

  Jollyjohn 16:49 11 Apr 2019

No, I don't think you are doing anything wrong. The secondary router is probably transparent on the network and the security will be handled by the primary router that is connected to the outside world.

I had a similar issue way back when I used a secondary router as a wi fi extender, set in DMZ mode, it did what it was meant to but I couldn't get back in to change anything. I did a hard reset, using the small hole and a pin, and started again when I did need to make changes.

  Blubottle 18:33 11 Apr 2019

Thanks that’s the best answer I’ve had so far, the reason I posted this question was my antivirus package which Bitdefender reports that my connection is unsecure whenever I login to my vpn which is handled through this second router even my windows 7 pc reports unsecured connection whenever I choose this connection.. Regards

  wee eddie 18:41 11 Apr 2019

Excuse me, but why do you have a second Router. I understand that you are using a VPN, but I cannot see that a second Router adds any extra security.

  wee eddie 22:52 11 Apr 2019

Are they in Series or in Parallel?

  Blubottle 09:08 12 Apr 2019

I use one with the VPN with a Kodi box for online streaming.

  LV426 09:45 12 Apr 2019

Can you just Ethernet cable in directly just to set up ?

  Blubottle 12:18 12 Apr 2019

The DD WRT router is not recognized by my pc, that’s the problem I cannot get into it’s setup to initiate it’s security

  wee eddie 16:17 12 Apr 2019

Unplug your other router and try using the miscreant instead

  Blubottle 16:37 12 Apr 2019

Sensible replies only please.

  Aart Bartel 17:52 12 Apr 2019


Don't worry about wee eddie, he's known as Mr Socratic here. He generally answers a question with a question and gives little advice.

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