Two Routers one connection??

  [HFX]John 11:22 05 Jul 2011

Hey guys i was wondering i have two routers and i want to set up a game server 24/7 but the thing is im not the only person who uses my router. I have 3 laptops as well as my desktop PC running through this one router. So i wanted a dedicated router for just my Desktop PC to get better signal for my game server. I was wondering if i could have the second router near the Desktop computer have the PC pluged into the router through Ethernet, but then have this router connect to the other router through wi-fi.

i know that it is possible but i am really confused about it and would love for a good answer which would help

thanks a lot

  mgmcc 19:41 05 Jul 2011

"i know that it is possible"

Don't think so.

Firstly, what do you expect to achieve with a second router? You will still have only one internet connection and that's what will determine the bandwidth available to your network.

Secondly, wireless routers incorporate a Wireless Access Point, that's what makes them "wireless". Computers use a Wireless Network Adapter to connect with the router's Wireless Access Point, but two Wireless Access Points (i.e. routers) cannot connect directly themselves, unless the particular router has the option to function as a Wireless Network Bridge.

Wireless Access Point - allows wireless devices to connect to a wired network.

Wireless Network Bridge - allows a wired network to connect to a wireless network.

  [HFX]John 22:34 05 Jul 2011

Before i reply to this, i would like to say that i am an ICT Technition :), futher more, my router can do bridging and i did this before, the reason i want one closer to my computer is so that i get a stronger signal, as my server will be upstairs and the routers downstairs.

i dont want to put it through ethernet since it loses signal from the distance i am away from the router, this is why i want to increase my signal

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