Two routers = more wireless range?

  Bob Bob™ 13:54 12 Apr 2007

I have a question regarding wireless routers.
I have two Netgear wireless routers in my house. One is not being used while the other is. Now, in some areas of the house and in the garden there is very weak wireless connectivity.
I am curious, is it possible for the second wireless router to be plugged in and in turn boosting the wireless range?
What I have now:
Router 1 ___________________________________pc (weak connectivity)

What I would like:
Router 1________________router 2____________pc (high connectivity)

In both cases Router one is connected to the internet while in the second example router two is just plugged in to the mains electric.

Can I get what I would like?


  dms05 14:31 12 Apr 2007

What you might be able to achieve is additional coverage if you can physically move the second router and connect it with a standard patch cable to the first router. You would need the routers on different channels or they would interfere with each other (Ch 1 and 6 or 6 and 11 are good choices). If you just have the second router close to the first and they are on the same channel you will get interference. Also remeber items like DECT phones can interfere as they use the same wireless spectrum as WiFi.

  dms05 14:34 12 Apr 2007

Sorry, I should have said - move the second router preferably to a different room / floor of the house. The further away the better. I have router 1 on the 3rd floor and router 2 in the kitchen but connected by LAN cable, both on different channels and my WiFi cards set to 'roam' and the laptops connect to the stronger of the two signals depending upon where you are in the property.

  Bob Bob™ 15:08 12 Apr 2007

Thanks for that. So, that's what I will try and do if I cant get it done wirelessly.

Netgear do have a product that plugs into the mains electric and extends the range, but I want to avoid spending money untill I can totally rule out using the spare router.

Also, the Netgear software seems to not want to connect to a network with less than 50% signal strength.

In my gardin the network strength was at 46% or there about and the laptop wouldnt connect.
Is there anyway to get around that? But, the speed was 1Mbps out of a possible 54 so again, boosting the wireless range would be better.

Thanks and regards

  Strawballs 15:59 12 Apr 2007

Why not just use a signal extender click here

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