Two questions please

  osben 10:50 23 Oct 2008


I have just installed Office pro 2003 (don't like 2007) and since that time, when I boot up, instead of going straight to the desktop the bootup stops at the screen where it asks me to click on the user I wish to log on as. Since there is only me using this computer, I wish for this scree to appear. I did get rid of it a long time ago but just cant remember how to do it. Any ideas.

Secondly - Whilst using Excel - When I attache a coments box in a cell, I want to be able to place a comments box in each cell of the same column. I have done this before but can't remember this either. The obvious answer I though was to click on the cell with the comments box and then copy to each cell down the column. This doesn't work.

Can anyone help with both questions please.


  DieSse 11:00 23 Oct 2008

Remove log on screen - instructions here

click here

Sorry can't help with Excel.

  iscanut 11:27 23 Oct 2008

Comments to cells in Office 2003, so should be ok in 2007.
Select the cell you want to use, click on New Comment button on Auditing toolbar,( if not installed, add the toolbar ) type your comment. When you add a comment your name/a name appears in bold type at top of comment box. You can specify also what goes here by choosing Tools, Options, clicking General tab and typing what you want to appear into the User Name edit box. Try also searching in the help box of Excel for "Adding comments to cells".

  iscanut 11:30 23 Oct 2008

Sorry, the above was for Excel XP (2002). For 2003 version you should do this..

Click the cell you want to comment on.
On the Insert menu, click Comment.
In the box, type the comment text.
If you don't want your name in the comment, select and delete the name.

When you finish typing the text, click outside the comment box.

May be the same for 2007 version.Sorry to confuse you.

  osben 11:56 23 Oct 2008


Thanks for your help DieSse

Nuts - Thanks for your help also but I know how to put a comment box into a cell. My question was, having placed the comments box in a cell, how to copy the facility into all the other cells in a given row so that I don't have to manually put a comment box into each of the cells. As you can imagine, that would be very time consuming.

I am sorry if I didn't make myself clear.


  Picklefactory 12:15 23 Oct 2008

Do you want an identical comment to be in each cell? If so, you could use data validation. Data>Data Validation. Just use the 'Input Message' section without setting any validationn rules, you can then click and drag this down your column. It will display comment when any of those cells are selected.

  Picklefactory 12:20 23 Oct 2008

If you just want to copy/paste standard cell comments, just copy initial cell containing required comment, highlight the destination range and right click mouse and select 'Paste special' and 'Comments' from list.
Hope that helps.

  osben 12:32 23 Oct 2008

Thanks Picklefactory

That was what I was looking for. Easy when you know how isn't it??


  woodchip 12:41 23 Oct 2008

Sounds like a new Account as been created by office. You can go to Control Panel and delete it under User Accounts. mine only shows My own Name and Guest

  iscanut 14:01 23 Oct 2008

Sorry not to have read your post properly. My apologies.

  osben 15:34 23 Oct 2008

Hi Guys

That' ok Nuts. Thanks for the help anyway.

DieSse - I did as suggested and I no longer get the Welcome screen. However I now get a small screen come up asking me for my password. Any ideas as to how I dissable this. All I want is to go straight to my desktop when I boot up.

Many thanks


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