two questions laptop freeze and excel

  Newuser2533 23:16 14 Sep 2003

When my computer freezes I do Ctrl,Alt,Del and it always sorts itself. If it doesn't I have the option of switching it off at the mains.
When a laptop does the same thing, what are my options as after pressing Ctrl, Alt, Del it stays frozen for some time.
This happened to my daughter and she had to be back at college within five minutes.
I think what I'm saying also is ....can the laptop be left for 5 hours after it freezes without doing any damage.

I have just transcribed some of the 1841 census onto Excel and unfortunately have done 400 names in capitals when they should be in lower case.
Is there a way of changing the names into lower case all in one operation.

Sorry to be a complete pain.


  [DELETED] 00:46 15 Sep 2003

Assuming all the names are in column A, right click on the top of column B and insert a new column. In the first cell of that new column enter the formula


then hit Return. Click back into the first cell with the lower case name. Now drag that formula using the little square at the bottom right of the cell, to the end of your names. You will notice that after you've hit Return again, the names will change to lower case. Now right click on the top of the column with the uppercase names and choose Hide.

If you have BILL

=LOWER(A1) will change it to bill

=PROPER(A1) will change it to Bill

=UPPER(A1) will change it back to BILL

Hope it helps a little, Newuser2533, as I know little about Laptops.

  [DELETED] 08:13 15 Sep 2003

In answer to your first question, nothing will happen to the laptop and it will not stay on for 5 hours, the battery will be flat before that.

In fact, draining the battery will do the battery life the world of good.

However, if you want to switch the laptop off after it freezes, simply press and hold the power button. If that does not work (no reason why it shouldn't) then simply remove the power lead and let the battery discharge.



  Belatucadrus 09:40 15 Sep 2003

Or remove the power lead and the battery, I've had to resort to this in the past.

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