Two queries: upgrading memory and upgrading OS

  The Teacher 21:59 16 Apr 2003

Evening all,

First of all I wish to add to my RAM. I currently have 64MB and wish to increase this to at least 256MB. I have made enquiries at various shops, PC World etc., and have been told that I MAY need PC100 or, I think I am correct, PC300. I have checked my manual and the only reference I can find to memory modules is the following: 168 pin, 3.3V Dimm Sockets with gold plated contacts unbuffered SDRam. I am now stumped as there is no mention of PC100 etc., I do not want to buy memory that is no good, neither do I want to screw up my machine. Any help on identifying the modules I want would be appreciated.

Secondly my father has obtained from the local council a PC with Win 95 on it. They also through in a printer that is no use to him as this requires Win 98 as a minimum. The PC he came with has no boot disks, no start up disk on CDRom or anything. He has been given a CDRom, legitimate, of Win 98SE so that he can upgrade. When we try to do so we get the message that there is already an OS on the PC and that the upgrade disk is required. Is there any way at all of wiping Win 95 from the PC, I have tried FDisk which doesn't work, so that Win 98SE can be installed, or does he need for definate the Win 98 upgrade disk?

Any help on the above problems, which are rather urgent would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

  The Teacher 22:37 16 Apr 2003

Solved the first one, thanks very much, it is PC100 that I need.

As to the second one, when I have downloaded and saved to floppy, the Win98SE boot disk, what do I have to do then to ensure that Win98SE gets installed on my dad's machine and Win 95 gets removed.

Ta again

The Teacher

  The Teacher 21:42 17 Apr 2003

Thanks for the advice. The only problem with it is that the question re CDRom support is not asked. I get the message "invalid system disk". I downloaded the bootdisk from the link above and I suspect that all command files etc., are not in the download. Can I wipe the disk clean by using Fdisk and the commands above from Win 95 and then insert the CDRom to load Win98?

I am also going to try to look on the internet for an upgrade download to save to CDRom and try that.

Thanks for help again,

The Teacher

PS CDoran, thanks for e-mail but it didn't work either, ta anyway.

  The Teacher 22:07 17 Apr 2003

I don't know of anyone with Win98. I have ME as do most others I know and the rest have XP.

Thanks anyway

The Teacher

  The Teacher 22:33 17 Apr 2003

And I do that how? I know how to use the applications, in fact I am qualified in most of them, but I haven't got a clue when it comes to BIOS etc..

Help appreciated.

The Teacher

  The Teacher 23:53 18 Apr 2003

Got your mail, and the files. I am going to my father's in the morning (Sat.) and will try then to finally upgrade. I will post on here whether successful or not.

Vog, I teach chemistry, physics and biology, you'd have to ask an English teacher over spellings (ha ha)

The Teacher

  The Teacher 00:17 20 Apr 2003

Followed all instructions as posted and mailed, formatted the hard drive, restarted with CDRom support and then........invalid system disk!!!

So my father is now well and truly stuck. However a friend of his was there and he know's someone who builds PCs and is going to try to obtain a "new" tower with 98 or ME already installed.

If any of you know how to get 98 onto fathers machine from the condition it is in now I would be most grateful.

Your help so far has been much appreciated.

The Teacher

  The Teacher 23:29 21 Apr 2003

Ta Maj, will give it a try. Could be end of week though, I will you let you know what happens.

The Teacher

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