Two queries

  goll_y 19:31 07 Sep 2004


Is there a decent free software that will store passwords on a desktop computer. I now have loads and need to keep them in a safe place. If the computer can remember the passwords when I go onto each site (whilst being safe and unable to be hacked that would be even more helpful).


I have two diaries on Microsoft Outlook (one at work and one at home). Both are the same except that work won't let me synchronise the two with a palm or anything like that. Is there a web based programme that allows diary entries? If it could synch. with Microsoft Outlook somehow that would be even better. Want to try and get around what work are saying.

Thanks for the advice

  Dorsai 19:34 07 Sep 2004

the Netscape browser does have a secure password system, that is i believe encrypted, and can be password protected, bus at i dont use it (netscape) i can't vouch for it's usability or degree of protection.

But it is free, netscape that is.

  goll_y 19:45 07 Sep 2004

Don't use netscape unfortunately.

  john-232317 19:55 07 Sep 2004

Why not use the same password for everything and keep it in your head...?

  spuds 19:56 07 Sep 2004
  Dorsai 19:57 07 Sep 2004

There is nothing wrong with netscape.

I just use mozilla firefox. I only got it recently, following advice from other fourumits. It's really rather good, IMHO.

Firefox can also save passwords. But again, i don't let it remember any of the important ones, and don't know how secure it's remembering of passwords is.

The only prog i have come across that can remember your passwords for you is in norton, and it is not free, but it remembers you passwords, and encrypts them, you have to sign into it (on you PC, not the net, if you set it up to) before it fills in your user id's and passwords for you.

i hope this makes sence.

  Dorsai 20:19 07 Sep 2004

If you use one id/password for everything, then if someone finds one out they had found them all out.

  Chris the Ancient 20:23 07 Sep 2004

I use...

click here

It's free and I use one memorable phrase of about 25 characters (including spaces).

Nobody in my family has cracked it yet!

Second question... Sorry. Dunno!


  john-232317 20:29 07 Sep 2004

True.... but that also works if they find where you store them ;-0

  Dorsai 20:32 07 Sep 2004

There we have it then. Pass keeper. As long as it does what it says on the tin.

And don't ask me. I have the norton one. But if it works, won't knock it.

As for 2. not a clue. happy password storing in a secure program.

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