Two Profiles-- One Email account

  MAJ 23:39 09 Feb 2003

I'm wondering. Is it possible to have my missus access my email account, in Outlook Express, from her User Profile in XP Pro? I'm aware she can access it from an Identity set in OE in my Profile, but to do that she would have to have my Profile active. Both Profiles are Admin and there's no problem with her accessing my profile, just wondered if she could do it from her Profile.

  jazzypop 23:52 09 Feb 2003

Can we just clarify the terminology first? When you say 'User Profile', do you mean User Account?

When the PC boots, do you get the option to logon as (say) Mr Maj or Mrs Maj? If you go to Control Panel > Accounts, do you see two separate Accounts - one for you and one for your wife?

If so, there is no simple way for her to view the contents of your Inbox from within her Account. She would need to go to Start > Log Off > Switch User, choose your Account, then view your Inbox.

When she has done, she would then choose Start > Log Off > Log Off to close your account, and return to her screen exactly as she left it.

I'm sorry if this Accounts vs Profile thing seems pedantic, but there is a Profile Assistant within Outlook Express (to remember your personal details and post them to an web page that asks for your personal information). I just wanted to clarify that we are talking about the same thing :)

  MAJ 00:01 10 Feb 2003

yes jazzypop, "User Accounts" are what I mean, sorry about that, I was trying to think of an answer myself while typing the question and the word Profile kept coming into my head. There are two accounts Mr. Maj and Mrs. Maj, on bootup we can choose which one to enter from the "Welcome Screen", no passwords required. I have been trying different things, even tried changing her Store Folder to mine, but that didn't work, it wouldn't even let me do that.

  jazzypop 00:06 10 Feb 2003

Thanks for the clarification - I often have moments like that :)

Unfortunately, you will have to follow the advice above, or forward any emails that you think she might want to see to her email address.

  MAJ 00:19 10 Feb 2003

I thought as much, jazzypop. But you know what it's like when you're trying to get round something, you always think you're forgetting the obvious. I'll leave the thread un-ticked for a while, in case someone thinks of something, we haven't. Thanks for confirming what I was thinking, i.e. it's not possible.

  DieSse 01:20 10 Feb 2003

This is the very reason why, unless you want to keep secrets from each other, I always recommend home users not to set more than one account.

  MAJ 09:17 10 Feb 2003

Quite true, DieSse. The reason we have for having seperate accounts, is because Mrs.Maj does all the letters that need doing for this household and for all the computerless relatives. She hates it when they get mixed up with all my .docs of how to do this and how to do that, from embedding Flash in emails, creating gif signatures and other useful little things. I also install and uninstall loads of little programs and utilities to try them out. In short, my account is a mess. At least on her own account, she's out of my hair. (hope she's not watching now) :0)

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