two! processors?

  [DELETED] 17:52 21 Sep 2003

hi all
this my be a silly question but my system info
tells me i have two processors in my machine could someone explain to me why this is?

my specs are
msi 875p neo m/b 2.8 p4 800-mhz processor supporting hyper threading 1gb pc3200 memory
o/s xp upgrade


  [DELETED] 18:02 21 Sep 2003

download this program and run report for all your system here

  powerless 18:23 21 Sep 2003

Its the Hyperthreading of your procsessor, that is why.

  [DELETED] 18:27 21 Sep 2003

thanks onesirkight
graet little programe
all clear now

thanks powerless

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