two pcs one printer

  wis 14:07 12 Jul 2008

two desk tops xp3, both on net,main one linked to
printer other there a way to print on other without additional leads connecters ect

  jack 14:18 12 Jul 2008

A whole new ballpark of angst to contend with.
If the PC's are in the same location then the simplest way it seems to me is to use one PC as a 'Print station' and carry over data from the 'dumb' PC via a USB memory stick.
Otherwise its loads of leads, software loaded onto both printers, some sort of hub/doubler arrangement between PC's and printer
If it is me - 'Memory stick it'

  jack 14:19 12 Jul 2008

If the file size will allow it.

  Chris the Ancient 14:46 12 Jul 2008

A (long) while back, I had a similar situation.

My work round - not elegant - relied on the 'main' machine being up and running if the second machine needed to print. This was done by accessing the printer from the second machine by linking through the 'main' machine on the 'HomeNet'.

Not pretty and only worked with both machines switched on. And both machines needed to have the printer drivers loaded.

Can't remember the exact procedure - but that was basically the way. I'm sure someone can pick up on this and add finer detail.

  Ditch999 14:55 12 Jul 2008

You say "both on net"
How are they connected to the internet?

  ambra4 15:05 12 Jul 2008

Do you have a network set up to share files and printer between computers?

And can both computers see each other via the local network

If not you need to set up a file and printer shearing network

Network File Sharing

click here

Network Printer Sharing

click here

  wis 15:08 12 Jul 2008

bt voyager 220v
1 pc ethernet
1 pc usb

  wis 15:26 12 Jul 2008

file sharing on the net sounds risky

  ambra4 15:26 12 Jul 2008

Which one you using to connect to internet USB or Ethernet

  wis 15:29 12 Jul 2008

the voyager 220v has one ethernet connection
and one usb, so ive got 1 pc usb, 1 pc ethernet

  ambra4 16:02 12 Jul 2008

No you can only use either the USB port or the Ethernet port not both at the same time

To network you use the Ethernet port with a router either a non wireless or one with wireless

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