Two PC's one internet connection, one online game

  Nelsonpk2000 20:03 26 Jul 2007

Is it possible to connect two PC's to one internet connection and have each PC playing the same online game against each other? When I try using my two to play against my friend (pro evo soccer) and we enter the same online room the screens go black.
Thanks in anticipation

  Strawballs 22:42 26 Jul 2007

Need more detail of your setup.

  Toffly 22:58 26 Jul 2007

Are you both using seperate, legal, products keys? If you're using the same key, it won't let you play I should imagine.

You may need to port forward a seperate port for each computer as well. For more info on that, go to click here

  Toffly 23:52 07 Aug 2007

I'm not overly familiar with online games, but couldn't you use port forwarding? Is setting ports a normal function within the options for games?

  Leapmanster 14:58 10 Aug 2007

It may depend on the game...
I know for a fact that steam games work with two seperate steam accounts.
Is it a shared IP?
With MMORPGs where you have an account, then yes it will.
If the IP is read as one then it won't work.

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