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Two PCAs pages loading on IE7 startup?

  mammak 20:18 29 Feb 2008

Hi all as above. PCA is set as my Homepage on both IE7 and Firefox,but just this evening while loading IE7 I have two PCA pages?.
I do love the place really I do! but I don't need two separate pages any ideas about whats going on thanks for any help.
If it is relevant running Vista Business.

  mammak 20:33 29 Feb 2008

Hi thanks for your replies so far,
Only one instance of PCA in Internet options > General tab, and one tab open in IE7, but two pages showing on the task bar,

I really can't remember how to get a screen shot up on PCA any help with that? thanks.

  mammak 20:58 29 Feb 2008

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

Well I hope this works :-)

  mammak 21:00 29 Feb 2008
  tullie 21:51 29 Feb 2008

Up to you of couse,but why on earth would you want pca as your home page?

  mammak 22:01 29 Feb 2008

This the problem I have, I only click on IE7 once,
it is a laptop touch pad I am using,
and clicking on FireFox only brings up one page of PCA?
I having been using this method for years with laptops and it has never happened before.
It may be an issue with the touch pad then?

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