TWO msn messenger, possible??

  adamh87 23:52 21 Nov 2006

isit possible to have to versions of msn messenger installed, for example

windows live messenger and msn messenger 7.5

when i try an intsall 7.5 it says i have a newer version, is there a way around this.

thank you adam

  Gandalph 23:59 21 Nov 2006

The only way that I can think of would be to un-install Live Messenger before trying to install Messenger 7.5. Having said that I don't use either. But it is worth trying if that's the way you want to go.

  sean-278262 01:16 22 Nov 2006

Use windows live messenger and the plus attachment (free, just google for it) and then you can if you go into the options of plus allow more than one instance of it to run. However it is both confusing and also crashes more. I have in 7 days had already 1 crash and one long slow down due to it. Alternatively run messenger live and windows messenger which is loaded by default with XP these do not have problems running side by side.

  NotSureBoutThis 01:32 22 Nov 2006

I'm not up to date with all this technology.

I do have msn; can someone please explain the difference between the 2?

Just out of curiosity, why would you need to have both windows live messenger and msn messenger 7.5 running together?

  Technotiger 07:56 22 Nov 2006

Hi, to the best of my limited knowledge - Windows Live Messenger *is* MSN updated. One might want to run both, perhaps in order to connect to two different people in different locations at the same time, one of whom might not have WLM or vice-versa. If that makes sense!

  birdface 09:27 22 Nov 2006

If Windows live Messenger Plus, Is the same as Msn Messenger Plus , Strongly advise you not to install it,Even installed properly it does not stop Adware and Spyware from getting downloaded with it.

  Technotiger 09:58 22 Nov 2006

This is like a PS to my above comment - in any case, I don't use either, preferring instead - Skype, which I use quite a lot.


  johnnyrocker 11:39 22 Nov 2006

do as i do run msn and yahoo messengers i use yahoo for sound an msn for webcam.


  NotSureBoutThis 13:56 22 Nov 2006

Thanks very much for the advice, it makes sense now.

  skidzy 16:27 22 Nov 2006

As Buteman has advised regarding Messenger Plus,if you must install this,be aware of the bundled spyware...Its a pain and a real nuisance.

Make sure you untick the sponsor if installing Messenger Plus !!!!

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