Two monitors, two desktops

  Ç̧ÇØ 17:14 14 Jan 2005

I have an ATI dual head graphics card with two monitors, is there anyway in can get two different desktop wallpaper on each.
Use a different pic on each monitor.

ty in advance

  Rayuk 19:38 14 Jan 2005

Have you tried changing it by selecting display properties??

  Ç̧ÇØ 13:51 15 Jan 2005

yes i have but cant change wallpaper for each monitor.

  Rayuk 16:24 15 Jan 2005

Have now found a way but you have to pay for it Ultramon
click here

Have downloaded it and it does work will see what else it has to offer.

  Rayuk 16:25 15 Jan 2005

This may be a better link for you
click here

  Rayuk 16:44 15 Jan 2005

Just looked at the price $39.95 have managed without up to now so think will just use up the 30days trial period.

  Ç̧ÇØ 01:40 16 Jan 2005

seems to do what i want, ty very much

  hugh-265156 01:52 16 Jan 2005

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