Two modems on one ADSL line

  Saintsman 20:48 15 May 2005

I have finally got broadband (no end of problems using Homecall by the way). When they first connected me I told them that it didn't work - the ADSL light was flashing on the modem. They checked the system and said everything was okay. I have two PCs at home, in different rooms. Both have an ADSL modem. If I have both modems connected the ADSL light flashes. When I disconnect one the light is steady. I am only using one PC at a time so only one modem is powered up.

Does anyone know why having two modems connected will cause the line not to work?

  DieSse 20:53 15 May 2005

Because two powered on modems are both trying to establish a link with the ISP - and clearly that is not possible.

  Fingees 20:56 15 May 2005

As I understand it two modems cannot be connected to the same IDSL telephone line.
This is because they will not synchronise, as indicated by the flashing light

If you want to use two computers, I suggest you network them, so that only one modem is used, there is nothing to stop them both being used through one modem.

All the best.

  Saintsman 21:06 15 May 2005

I understand what you both are saying, but they are not both powered up - only one is. The second one should not be doing anything but it obviously affects the line somehow.

Networking is the ideal solution but as the two PCs are not normally used at the same time, having two modems was the easy option.

  Mikè 21:25 15 May 2005

Presumably it's internal circuitry is loading the line in some way, whether powered or not.

  Graham ® 21:51 15 May 2005

The exchange will see two modems as a fault, and will disable ADSL. You will have to disconnect the modem not in use from the line.

  chaztait 22:00 15 May 2005

The best thing as Fingees said is network them.

There are a few ways to go about it.

One you could buy to network cards about £12 for 100Mbs and about 20 meters of cable £5 well thats what the guy gives me it for down at my local computer shop then just network them.

Another way is to buy two wirelss network card or Wireless USB which would cost about £50.

And the other way is to buy a ADSL router ranging from £50 to £100 and connecting it up that way.

The difference with the methods are the first 2 u need the main computer on to establish connection to internet with second, the third you dont need main computer on to use second.

Hope this helps.


  woodchip 22:04 15 May 2005

You cannot connect like your post, My modem's did the same thing when I had a Speed touch usb modem on one comp and Router modem on the other comp it's one or the other. So speed touch was only a stop gap until I got the Router Modem fully running

  woodchip 22:08 15 May 2005

PS the Wireless Router Modem I use in not networked. so I can use one or all computers on BB at the same time. Two Desktops and a Laptop, one desktop is a Win98se comp others XP home

  Saintsman 07:59 16 May 2005

great replys, thanks very much

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