Two Modems

  TonyW2 07:32 11 Mar 2008

I have an NT5 with adapted face plate and an ADSL supply from it to an extension point. ( into another room) Thus I have two ADSL connection sockets available.
Can I leave a modem plugged into each socket, but disconnected from its power supply, and only connect to the one required as and when needed depending on where I have the PC?
Or will the unconnected one have any affect on the other?
I have a suspicion that this arrangement may cause some form of interference in obtaining a stable connection.

  howard64 08:55 11 Mar 2008

you should have no problems doing it like that. I have my main pc with adsl router and my spare pc in the garage with my old adsl modem. No problem unless I try to connect both at the same time forgetting the other one is on - its the age thing.

  TonyW2 09:22 11 Mar 2008

Actually that was not the answer I expected, because with just one ADSL+2 (Edimax) router connected in the extension point and the PC into it by ethernet, I can get a good B/B connection, but if I then connect the second modem (Smartax) into the master socket face plate (No power connection to the Smartax) then my PC connection drops and will not reconnect.

  TonyW2 12:25 11 Mar 2008

I have just been advised that it is not good practice to have 2 modems on one phone line, even if one modem has no power supply, as the internal circuitry can become involved.

As it is not essential for me to operate like that I will not do so! It was just convenient whilst I went through a troubleshoot with my ISP.

Guess you must be luckier than me Howard64 !

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