two ISP one P.C

  D.Head 14:20 10 Apr 2006

Can I have two ISP,s set up on one P.C..
Virgin is my ISP at the moment, but I have to change to BT. I want keep and use my Virgin E-mail address but don't know how.

Can any one help please


  SANTOS7 14:23 10 Apr 2006

You will need a modem and use virgins P.A.Y.G. to retrieve your email......

  Dipso 14:40 10 Apr 2006

You may not have to go that far. I have a Virgin email account that I have had since they were my ISP about 3 years ago. I just changed the sending server settings in OE to those of my new ISP which allowed me to send mail and could collect as normal also. I did get a couple of emails from them saying if I wanted to keep my email accounts active I would have to dial in once every 3 months but I did this a couple of times (only for a few seconds to collect any mail) and haven't been asked since.

Otherwise, you could just use their webmail service click here I just tried and can still access it.

  Stuartli 14:58 10 Apr 2006

Setting up a PAYG account will guarantee keeping the Virgin e-mail address - you only need to use it perhaps once a month.

I have a similar arrangement for my Tiscali dialup e-mail address, which I prefer, to the BB version.

You can install as many ISP service connections as you wish on your system - just ensure that your main one is set as the Default Provider.

  Fingees 14:59 10 Apr 2006

I use two ISPs one mainly for Email on pay as you go dial up, the other Broadband..
I connect for a few minutes each month to dialup, as it could expire after 90 days of non use.

I know some people find they can access their old account after a long time, but for what it costs, about 10p per month in my case. It's not worth the risk of losing it.

All the best.

  D.Head 16:23 10 Apr 2006

Many thanks to you all.But if I have a broadband on B.T. and a P.A.Y.G. on Virgin, how do I get them to work ?. At tho moment when I clik on explorer it just go,s to I just don't know how to chang it.


  Stuartli 16:38 10 Apr 2006

Go to Tools>Internet Options>General tab (this is for IE) whilst you are logged on to BT's home page.

Select Current Page for your home page and Apply (IIRC) and then OK.

Firefox is a similar method. You will also have to set BT as your Default ISP from Internet Options>Connections.

  ened 17:50 10 Apr 2006

Not wishing to hijack the thread but I have changed from Freeserve to Tiscali and have always had an mail address.

I am still using this address to receive mail.

Is it likely to expire after a time because I am not using Freesreve at all to connect?

  D.Head 20:15 10 Apr 2006

Many thanks to all.Stuartli That tool,s thing is just what I needed thanks.


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