Two HD's have diff icons in "My Computer"

  malwarehater 16:17 13 Feb 2006

I have two Seagate 250gb Hd's on my pc....One is the "primary master".the other is the "primary slave".....But they have diff icons for some reason??

The primary master has the standard HDD icon, but the primary slave for some strange reason has an icon which looks like a media card reader or something....I have media card readers on my pc and one of them is called MMC/SD(G:)....i dont know which actual type of media card this reads but the icon is the same as the one my "primary slave" seems to show.

Anyone have any ideas as to how i can reset the "primary slave's" icon to it's proper icon?


  Gongoozler 16:35 13 Feb 2006

I've found that if you copy an installation disk to the hard drive, and that disk has an Autorun file with an icon, then that icon can get associated with that drive. Have a look at the root files in the drive - presumably your D: drive and see if there's a file called Autorun.inf. If there is, this is where the problem is.

  Skyver 16:36 13 Feb 2006

Or Autorun.ico

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