two hard drives

  malcolm-268256 11:08 06 Apr 2003

i know that a dual boot system can be created using one hard drive,with a choice of operating system from boot up. but can one be created by using two hard drives with a operating system on each. if so can anyone tell me how.

  powerless 11:10 06 Apr 2003

What operating systems do you want?

  Taran 11:52 06 Apr 2003

Yes it can be done and in much the same way as you'd do it using a single disk with multiple partitions.

As Powerless has asked, it would help us to know which OSs you would like to install. There are also some possible problems where certain motherboards do not like two bootable hard disks, but all of this can be worked around with software solutions like Boot Magic.

A bit more detail will give you the answers you need.

  malcolm-268256 12:16 06 Apr 2003

iam currently running win2000 on the new drive i want to run win xp

  Taran 19:39 06 Apr 2003

If you go to Google click here and use the following search request, you will get all the information you could ever need and more besides:

dual boot windows 2000 and windows xp

  malcolm-268256 18:40 08 Apr 2003

what does the message"no ide 80 conductor cable"
mean, shown on start up.

  powerless 18:45 08 Apr 2003

The cable that connects a drive to the motherboard.

Theres 40 and 80 IDE cable (40 wires and 80 wires).

The setup your trying to acheive requires 80 cable but an 80 cable is not detected so up pops the message.

  Jordanjunkie 19:08 08 Apr 2003

You could partition the drive, that's fairly risky though if it goes wrong - I'd stick with one o/s!

  uskfisherman 19:15 08 Apr 2003

I have been running dual booting on two separate drives for nine months, ME and XP, and it has worked quite well. I you have norton utilities however you have to careful especially when cheching discs. You need to ensure your only select the drive you wish to check one at a time.

  malcolm-268256 14:50 12 Apr 2003

thanx,powerless, thanx taran

  uskfisherman 11:02 10 Nov 2003

My computer came with Me already installed (Packard Bell). Ileft this as it was and simply installed a second hard drive making that the slave, and using the spare plug on the cable going from the cd rom to the motherboard. At a later date I altered this using a new cable joining the two drives and connecting to mother board. I did this because I snstalled a cd writer and needed th spare plug. Both systems run FAT32 because NTFS is incompatable with both. I have norton installed on ME and for many of the important functions thio will deal with both drives.C for ME and D for XP. I do not have any problems that I can see whem you boot up XP allows you to opted for which system you wish to use and you simply select. If I can help you anf further plwase E Mail through PC Advisor. Regards.

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