Two good( PC things this xmas

  birkdalite 09:32 26 Dec 2003

On xmas eve my Tiscali connection malfunctioned, i rang their help line and was treated with utmost courtesy and kindness by what appeared to be an Indian gentleman, He spent15mins going right through all that could be wron

  Mango Grummit 18:55 26 Dec 2003

...... and??

Can only assume birkdalite suffered yet another malfunction before this potentially happy tale was completed.

Bad luck there sir.

  IanWilk 19:08 26 Dec 2003

At 50p per minute [total £7-50p in this case], at the very least courtesy should be expected. Although the expertise sounds ok, unlike the scripted and stilted 'advice' I have received from this source. What a contrast with the freely given help/time/expertise from this forum, which is gratefully acknowledged.

  marsdenboy 20:23 26 Dec 2003

indeed, when I called the Tiscali helpline, they were friendly but useless. Eventually sorted the problem myself. Have generally found this forum to be more useful than any helpline.

  spuds 21:12 26 Dec 2003

I too used the Tiscali hepline when I first installed my BB modem. The call centre agent states his name was Alex Jones, which surprised me at the time due to his accent and unsureness of my english phrases. In the end we got there and solved the problem. Don't know how much it as cost me though, as I haven't had my BT bill yet.

  birkdalite 08:45 27 Dec 2003

sorry about that gents I made a mess of the posting (sober too) If you care to read on you will see the complete version under "oops sorry"

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