Two forums on the screen

  graham 11:09 05 Mar 2003

At the risk of another 'So?', I can get my two favourite forums on screen at the same time.

  Lozzy 11:15 05 Mar 2003

What is your issue??

  Andsome 11:17 05 Mar 2003

YES. Just go to start and open Internet Explorer again. I have had three sites on the computer at once. You will then have one on top of the other and can click onto first one, then the other at random from the syatem tray at the bottom of the screen. You can if you wish click onto the square box in the top right hand corner and reduce the size of each page, then drag them one over the other and view them symultaneously.

  Sir Radfordin™ 11:19 05 Mar 2003

You can't have two favourites!

Arrange your windows as you like them, there isn't a "windows police" to enforce offical microsoft layout just yet. Its due with the next version of Windows ;-)

  Andsome 11:20 05 Mar 2003

PS. If they don't reduce enough, go to the corner of each window and wait until you get a double ended arrow at 45 degrees, then drag cornerwise to reduce the size of the window.

  Pesala 11:26 05 Mar 2003

Install Opera, then you can open a dozen forums at once, and switch between them from the Window bar.

With only two or four windows open, you can tile them vertically or horizontally within Opera. It depends how big your monitor is.

  Andsome 11:26 05 Mar 2003

Have you fully understood the question? As I see it graham wants two websites up and running at the same time. Right at this moment I have this site running, and also Windows forum running in exactly the way that I have explained.

  graham 11:38 05 Mar 2003

There you go! I didn't know you could have more than one site open until I tried it this morning, and I expected some 'So?' if I spread it to others who didn't know. If you're sat in a classroom you don't shout out 'I know that', let others learn.

  MAJ 11:51 05 Mar 2003

You can indeed do that, graham. If you have lots of windows open on your taskbar you can also scroll between them by holding down the Alt key and hitting the Tab key at the same time. Very useful for us lazy people. :-)

  Pesala 12:27 05 Mar 2003

Though you can open several copies of IE with a different website in each, the MDI is much more efficient.

Use the Back key in IE and there are a few seconds delay before you return to the previous site/page you visited. Do that in Opera and it seems instant (once the pages are cached).

On the PCA forum I regularly scroll back to previous threads to check messages or copy links to my current message. If I get an email while viewing or replying to a thread, I can go to the updated thread from my in box. With two copies of the PCA forum on the window bar, I can switch between them with a click of the mouse. Try Opera for a week and you will never go back to using IE unless you have to.

  graham 12:55 05 Mar 2003

Pesala, you said it was a palaver and now you're jumping in with your opera.

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