Two floppies ??????????

  alan227 22:34 10 Sep 2005

About 2 hours ago I started my computer and it said the BIOS was in failsafe mode, press F1 to continue or enter and reset BIOS.
So i entered the BIOS and reset it to optimised defaults.
It seems to run alright now except when I opened up my computer it was showing 2 floppy drives ( A & B ) how do I get rid of Floppy B and can any one give me an idea what could have caused this.

I am running XP home.
My computer set up is
AMD 64 3500
2 x 1gb Crucial DDR 3200
Abit AX8 mobo
2 x 80gb Maxtor SATA drives

  VoG II 22:38 10 Sep 2005

Odd - B is normally reserved for a 5¼ inch floppy drive. I haven't seen one of those for ages.

  Gongoozler 22:49 10 Sep 2005

alan227, does the BIOS show two floppy drives?

  alan227 23:18 10 Sep 2005

Yes it shows floppy A enabled
And floppy B none

  bremner 23:37 10 Sep 2005

Well thats right then - you have a 3.5" floppy in A and you don't have a floppy in B

  pj123 11:12 11 Sep 2005

When you reset your BIOS it automatically defaults to Floppy drive swap enabled and Floppy drive seek enabled.

This means that your One floppy drive can be A and B. I used to use that setup sometime ago for doing Floppy disk copying.

All you need to do is disable Floppy drive swap and Floppy drive seek in the BIOS

  alan227 09:11 12 Sep 2005

pj123, thanks for that you were along the right lines.
When i loaded optimised defaults in the BIOS it enabled the FDC controller, after disabling this no floppy B.
Your post made me look deeper into the BIOS as I had already checked the floppy drive seek, but looking for floppy drive swap enabled me to find FDC and disable it.

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