marinbob100 20:30 01 Oct 2003

Just bought a Belkin router.

Works fine with one computer, won't work when I try to connect another?

Any Ideas


  marinbob100 20:40 01 Oct 2003

Oh and yes I have tried the add computers wizard.
No luck


  Dearersteak 12:23 02 Oct 2003

Are you with NTL by any chance? I brought a Belkin router too a while back, and had nothing but grief! I would set it up, and it would work for a couple of hours, and then suddely, it would just stop working! In the end, i put it downl to NTL, but i then brought a Linksys router, and have'nt had any trouble since! Its been fault less since!

  vinnyo123 15:21 02 Oct 2003

did you double check your settings in router.Try a hard reset and start over.Check different ports with working pc (to see if you have a faulty port).And some routers are not compatable with certian routers!!!!!

  rowdy 19:17 02 Oct 2003

Have you phoned Belkin? part of the reason to buy their gear is the support they give. I had a few problems and they were VERY helpful. At one point I allowed their technician to have remote control of my computer to speed up the fault diagnosis after which we soon had my network up and running.


  MjM Hellfire 19:31 02 Oct 2003

I have a LinksSYS 4 port broadband router, great support, great router...I use NTL and it has been faultless.

  Gios 19:31 02 Oct 2003

Yes spent over an hour. no joy then then phone went dead.
Its says "sets up in three mins" on the box.

Going back tomorrow. any suggestion for one that works?

  Gios 19:39 02 Oct 2003

MJM what model is it?
My sons says get a Linskys or a netgear.

The point is this paticular router is advertised with this super duper set up wizard.

The only problem is it dosen't work.

The fist one I bought stayed online for a couple of hours, this Belkin will only work with one pc.
fat lt of good that is.

  SEASHANTY 20:07 02 Oct 2003

Linksys BEFSR41 4 port router (non wireless) cable/dsl (suitable NTL/TELEWEST BB) No problems.
£41-12 inc. vat from Dabs click here

  SEASHANTY 20:09 02 Oct 2003

Direct page link does not work. Blame DABS for that.
You would have to enter product in the search box.

  Gios 20:20 02 Oct 2003


Iv'e orderd one from dabs.

Fingers crossed !!!!

Are they easy to set up?

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