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  1dave2 18:12 29 Jun 2005

Hi guys, I have win Xp and my wife and I log on seperatly ( you know the two identities thing) and we can both open Outlook express for E mail. I have made it so we both an account, so that when I send an E mail it sayes its from me and when she sends one it says it's from her. But the incoming e mail always goes to whoever logs on to Outlook express first. This is I suppose because essentialy it's only one E mail address. How can I change this so we have our own E mail within Outlook Express?

Thanks, Dave.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:18 29 Jun 2005

It will depend on the mail provider and email format.

If you have

[email protected]


[email protected]

then you do it.

  1dave2 15:14 30 Jun 2005

My e mail is outlook express and my isp is wanadoo. I've tried doing what you suggested, diodorus and e mail's can be sent out seperatly but when an e mail is received it is received by whoever logs on first no matter what the first name on the address is. I'm not sure it is possible to do what i'm after.

  scotty 15:25 30 Jun 2005

In OE you have "accounts" set-up for each e-mail address you wish to retrieve from the server. It sounds as if you have two accounts set-up under your log-on and two under your wife's. Try deleting your wife's account from OE in your log-on and remove your account from OE in your wife's log-on.

  1dave2 15:31 30 Jun 2005

That was a good idea Scotty and I thought you were onto something but I've just tried it and the same thing happened

  scotty 15:41 30 Jun 2005

I think you need to swap compters with this chap who has the opposite problem - click here

Isn't there an option when you set up users to have the identities either created the same or to have them totally independent? Perhaps that is the route to try. Create another user and select the "keep identities the same" option.

This may be the solution to both questions.

  1dave2 15:57 30 Jun 2005

Hmmm how odd! I've just tried creating a new user on the log on and the only options are to have it as a limited account (so they can't alter settings etc) or an administrator.

  scotty 16:01 30 Jun 2005

My experience is with ME not XP. Perhaps that is the difference?

  1dave2 16:03 30 Jun 2005

It could be, Scotty. Thanks for your help, I think I'll get some tea now. I'm fed up!!!

  Diodorus Siculus 21:30 30 Jun 2005

In the pop3 server section put in

[email protected] as the username and see what it downloads.

  1dave2 15:35 01 Jul 2005

That didn't work either I'm afraid to say.

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