two drives, no space

  dragonfury 18:54 14 Oct 2003

I am recently getting a new dvd drive, to put above my current cd drive and I have no space left, as all my power cables/ribbons are being used via other devices (cd/floppy/hd`s).

Will I need a new power supply wiv more cables or a splitter for power/ribbon? I hav read about sum splitters but are not quite sure about these. will it be 2 much messing about? best to take to a tech?

Sum advice will be appreciated

  alan 2273 19:09 14 Oct 2003

Have you thought about fitting a PCI/IDE controller card which will give you up to 2 more IDE connections.

  Rayuk 19:10 14 Oct 2003

All you need to do is buy a splitter,remove molex power cable from your cdrom instal splitter into this then into your 2 drives.
Do your eide cables have 3 or 2 connectors on them.

If you have installed your dvd drive yourself this shouldnt be a problem

  Forum Editor 19:12 14 Oct 2003

Provided it's only two, you should have a spare power connector.

As far as the IDE cables are concerned, it would be better to have the DVD drive on its own cable anyway - you can add another IDE controller easily enough.

  dragonfury 21:15 15 Oct 2003

If i hav the primary master and slave and secondary master slaves used up (2hd`s, floppy and cd-rom)and I want 2 add another dvd drive, i will b using a controller card for the ide cable, but will this work? (i mean du i select master/slave/cable select at the bak of drive or will it just du it anyway?)

e.g at sartup: primary master : mode 4 hd, etc
primary slave : mode 4 cd rom and same with the 2nd master/slave. new drive fitted, will it still work?

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