two days of a wireless nightmare

  bobbybluenose 20:39 25 Apr 2008

hi folks trying to go wireless s/o xp echolife router provided by talk talk dongle in usb i have put Ethernet lead to pc open internet explorer nothing tried entering 192.168.11. but all i get is internet explorer could not open the search page so i have uninstalled the tt software can anyone help please the kids are doing my head in please bare in mind you be helping a complete pc dummy

  Woolwell 20:53 25 Apr 2008

Try turning off your firewall.
click here
This thread has links to other threads with similar problems and also a link to the use manual

  bobbybluenose 21:11 25 Apr 2008

Woodwell thanks but it is not a router problem the router works on this pc fine i have spent hours on the phone to tech support to no avail i would prefer to do this from scratch without tt software is this possible

  Woolwell 21:23 25 Apr 2008

Did you turn the firewall off and then enter 192 etc.?

Haven't got this router and not with TalkTalk so will wait for someone else.

  bobbybluenose 21:35 25 Apr 2008

cant find firewall its not on control panel eemmmm

  mrwoowoo 21:49 25 Apr 2008

Click Start, click Run, type Firewall.cpl, and then click OK.
2. On the General tab, click Off (not recommended), and then click OK.

  bobbybluenose 21:54 25 Apr 2008

windows cannot find firewall cpl windows xp 2002 service pack 1 could this be the problem

  mrwoowoo 00:44 26 Apr 2008

Is it not in control panel under security.

  MCE2K5 00:56 26 Apr 2008

Isn't the Firewall in XP SP2.

  MCE2K5 00:56 26 Apr 2008
  bobbybluenose 10:53 26 Apr 2008

MCE2K5 i have down loaded s/p 2 to my computer how can i transfer this to the other pc without a memory stick i have a 8 pin lead pc to pc will this do but if i cant find a firewall on the pc i am trying to go wireless on could it be a Microsoft problem i am reinstalling xp pro to see if this makes a difference cheers bobby

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