Two computers to use one printer

  Wendy 13:33 08 Jun 2010

Two computers to be in different rooms. Neither has a wifi card in it.
One close to a BT wireless hub.
One printer (not wifi)
Both computers need to be able to use the printer.
What is the easiest way to do this please?

  onthelimit 13:56 08 Jun 2010

If XP - on main machine that has printer attached, Start, Settings, Printers and faxes, right click printer and click Sharing then tick Share this printer. On other computer, same procedure but on Printer and faxes page, click Add printer. Should see the one you have made to share.

  onthelimit 13:58 08 Jun 2010

Just noted that neither has WiFi, so the second one will need to be connected to hub by cable, or install a WiFi card or use a wireless dongle.

  onthelimit 14:00 08 Jun 2010

Just seen this which should answer your questions more fully click here

  Picklefactory 14:00 08 Jun 2010

I'm not sure about a BT hub, never had one, but if it's the same as a standard wireless router then it should be no problem.
You will need an ethernet port on both desktops.

You can buy a pair of powerline adaptors, sometimes called homeplugs, which effectively turn your mains power cables into data transfer cables.
I'm also making an assumption that you are in a house/flat where your electrical wiring is NOT shared with other residents. ie you have your own consumer unit.
You can connect one homeplug to your router and into an adjacent wall socket, plug the second homeplug into the 2nd desktop and again into an adjacent wall socket and that will effectively create a network between your desktops.
It's then a case of using the default Windows home network wizard to connect them both and allow printer sharing.
It can be a little trickier if you have differnt operating systems on your desktops, but as long as they are both Windows I'm sure it's doable.

Here's a link to the powerline adaptors for reference, although I'm sure other people sell them.
click here

  Picklefactory 14:02 08 Jun 2010

As onthelimit says too, wireless is another option, if you add a wireless card to the distant desktop.

  Wendy 14:14 08 Jun 2010

I think it will be easiest to either fit a wifi card to the computer in the other room, or use a dongle, and connect computer 1 to the hub. Then use the windows (WinXP pro)procedure as described above.

Many thanks for replying, both of you, it is much appreciated.

  onthelimit 14:30 08 Jun 2010

Should be straightforward, but come back on this thread if there are any snags.

  woodchip 15:44 08 Jun 2010

You can just use USB dongles for both PCs or one connected direct by Ethernet to router other uses Dongle, they then have to be Networked together Put the Printer on the one connected by Ethernet Cable All Have to be switched on including Printer to Network them using Network wizard in Control Panel

  woodchip 15:47 08 Jun 2010

Both have to be switched on to use the printer and share files

  Wendy 16:06 08 Jun 2010

Thanks Woodchip. It won't be an issue about them both being switched on as it is a work situation and they will be both on anyway.
Wifi cards are not costly so we might even put one in each computer. I gather that you have to use ethernet though to begin with to get a wireless set up going.

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