Two computers online with XP?

  sorefingers 23:40 08 May 2003

How easy is it to connect my two computers which both have XP... (in order for each/any of them to use the internet...Blueyonder) Both machines have USB2...both are HP Pavilions!

Thanks for any help!

  Eagie 23:44 08 May 2003

Do they both have ethernet cards/sockets? If so all you need is a crossover cable to set up a network which will be able to use the same internet conection.

  hugh-265156 23:46 08 May 2003
  keith-236785 23:48 09 May 2003

Please check with Blueyonder if this is possible, i have heard that ics (internet connection sharing) isn't allowed by blueyonder.

  1832bchs 23:53 09 May 2003

I share a Blueyonder connection with 2 computers, using wi-fi adaptors, works well.

  sorefingers 00:31 10 May 2003

..thanks for the input 1832bchs, but is this a simple but expensive way of Broadband sharing? Can I swop between my base unit and Laptop easily/cheaply or do I need three pieces of equipment?

  jazzypop 00:44 10 May 2003

This site explains the various options for sharing a broadband Cable connection - just substitute BlueYonder for NTL, the principles are identical - click here

I recommend buying a router if your budget will go that far, as it allows each PC to have independent access. If you buy a Netgear FR114P router, you can connect your printer to the router, and both machines will always have access to it. See

  sorefingers 00:52 10 May 2003

...I have the SMC Barricade I bought last year...tried linking it to my comps...but got lost part way through...then left it aside!!...maybe having XP on all machines now might help...what d'ya think?

  jazzypop 01:06 10 May 2003

Go for it

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