two computers one broadband

  hzlmick 19:34 31 Oct 2003

This is an age old problem: I have a telephone upstairs and one downstairs from a single phone socket. You guessed, there's a computer upstairs and one downstairs and we are tired of moving and waiting to have the modem conection. If I buy another modem will we be able to access the broadband connection at the same time from each computer?
ADSL Thomson SpeedTouch 330 modem with USB connector.

  graham√ 19:41 31 Oct 2003

If you buy a second modem, by all means set it up to save moving things. But, and this has been emphasised before, only have one plugged in at a time. The exchange will see two modems as a fault and disable the ADSL.

  bremner 19:41 31 Oct 2003

Your ISP will not allow this as i think you would need two IP Addresses, it is the same as running connections from both the USB and Ethernet sockets on some modems.

What you need is a router connected to the modem. If running wires upstairs is a problem then a wireless router with a wireless network card upstairs and a wired connection to the machine downstairs. This would be the cost effective answer.

  jolorna 19:46 31 Oct 2003

i have just done it using a ethernet card in each comp and a crossover cable my adsl modem is usb and both can enable the adsl connection and also use the b/b at the same time one is xp and the other me

  Bagsey 20:10 31 Oct 2003

I have the same setup as you in the my desk top runs XP home and my wifes laptop is on ME. Both are only a few feet apart on the same desk. I have been beating my patience to death trying to get a router to work, so far without any success. Would you please give a VERY detailed explanation of what you did and how I must procede to achieve the same results that you have got. I know nothing about networking. I am at the same state of knowledge as I was all of those years ago when I sat looking at my Sinclair ZX80 wondering what to do next. Thanks in anticipation.

  SANAP 20:17 31 Oct 2003

jolorna I am very interested as well but just got BB and a non techie.


  george 20:38 31 Oct 2003

You could go wireless and just run your own lan or install an ethernet card and hub. That will leave a wire between both PCs but is the easiest to set up.
Wireless lans are not particularly easy to set up. All the TCP settings and security parts have to be configured but once this is done it is the easy route as both systems can be operating at the same time.
Installing an ethernet card will release you USB port and "speed" up your internet connection or you could use a router.
All cost money but Ethernet cards are available at ?17 from PC World. NOt sure the cost of the hub.
Equally you could ask BT to supply the equipment to share the connection, they do it all the time!

  jolorna 21:06 31 Oct 2003

the xp comp already had a network card, i just got another eternet card to fit into the me then used a crossover cat5 cable to join them,ran then ran the set up a network connection wizard on the xp which created a floppy which you run in the me and also run it on the xp answer a few questions in the wizard allow the me to access the modem and printer whist you are doing it you need to have the modem and printer switched and it just sets itself up if you print the network setup wizard overview out and follow it you wont go wrong thats all i did and it works fine

  jolorna 21:17 31 Oct 2003

here is a lingk to follow click here

  Bagsey 08:47 01 Nov 2003

Thanks for your info and Link. Will try that over the weekend.

  jolorna 10:50 01 Nov 2003

a link to the wizard click here

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