two computers, different displays, why?

  end 00:08 26 Aug 2004

both pc and lap are on Win 98se and IE6 I think although cannot see IE6 in "add/remove progreams"on lap-top.

am wondering why the display on each machine is "different"
pc tends to have green pca forum and lap tend to have blue;
the lap top is almost "easier" and "clearer" to read and see;
is it to do with graphics or what; am "not complaining ", but "curious" to know why the difference if both machines are using the hopefully same programs...

and no,,have not dropped either of them on the floor or thrown out the window yet...nor changed any settings...

  billyliv 00:24 26 Aug 2004

Hi, If you right click your desktop, properties, and look into appearance, you can change anything to suit your needs. Cheers, Bill

  THE TERMINATOR 00:31 26 Aug 2004

And you could choosr the same theme for each machine then each desktop will be the same....TT

  end 01:42 26 Aug 2004

i rather like the appearance of the lap-top .. may "have a play" later...really time for bed....

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