Two Broadband Providers on Same line?

  Steinman 17:20 03 Nov 2003

On behalf of nephew-

Nephew has laptop. Family has PC. PC is connected to AOL Broadband. Nephew does not want to connect to AOL Broadband. Can he use the same phone line to connect his laptop to another Broadband ISP?
Obviously would install software on laptop & connect it (presume he meant unplug AOL Broadband connection to phone line?) when laptop in use. Or, can he run another Bdbd ISP @ same time as family AOL Bdbd is in use.Windows XP all round.
Thanks folks.

  MichelleC 17:36 03 Nov 2003

I don't think so (but could be wrong & it wouldn't be the 1st time), as BT 'rent' out to one isp per single tel no.

  Gemma 17:37 03 Nov 2003

The ADSL connection to the ISP is "hardwired" by BT at the exchange. You can connect to anything using the plain old fashioned analogue line socket on the filter but only at dial-up speeds.

  Steinman 21:31 03 Nov 2003

Thought so. Thanks for replies. Any more before I tick!?

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