two beeeeeps - then nothing

  swapper 06:36 12 Jan 2009

Motherboard - Chaintech 9CJSEZ
running Windows XP Pro

CPU Socket 478


I switched off my PC which had been running fine.

When I switched it on again a few hours later, there was a couple of loud Beeeps and then nothing.

At the front of the PC there is a small LCD display(?) that tells me the loading sequence i.e. FF c24 etc... now nothing but FF.
There was no normal flashes at the USB ports that connect to the External Modem, no black screens showing the loading of windows on the Monitor, all that happens it that the fans in the PC are running.

A week or so ago, I asked about a noisy fan which appeard to be the CPU cooler, I was not trying hard enough to remove it.

When I did remove it (quite easily) the fan came
away with the cooling vanes(?) leaving a plate above the CPU with a small amount of paste on it.
I could not remove the fan on its own, so I just put everything back, it settles down after a while.

Could the problem be this CPU, the cooler is quite large 90x90mm. CPU Socket 478 (Artic Cooler).

If it is, could I remove it from the motherboard and replace it myself?


  howard64 07:36 12 Jan 2009

if you remove the cooler you must clean off the paste and reapply to get the correct cooling. This could be a power supply problem enough to run fans but not the motherboard.

  laurie53 08:47 12 Jan 2009

On my computer two bleeps indicate a memory problem.

Could you have unseated the memory modules when you had the fan off?

You may also be seeing overheating problems if you put the fan back without fully cleaning off the old thermal paste and applying new stuff.

  swapper 08:52 12 Jan 2009

I did not know about cleaning off the paste, I will get some and give it a try, I'll also look at the memory mods.

thanks, I'll come back.

  DieSse 10:13 12 Jan 2009

If the fan/heatsink was pulled off with any force, it may have disturbed the processor in it's socket.

First try removing and refitting the RAM as per laurie53.

Then try removing and refitting the processor, when you remove and refit the heatsink. When you clean off the old thermal paste, use only the barest minimum of new, spread evenly over the contact area. Too much is as bad as too little.

  swapper 11:32 12 Jan 2009

Well, I cleaned off the paste, applied new, reinstalled the Fan, heatsink and processor, switched on and it went like a dream, even the fan seemed a lot quiter

I copied "My Documents" to my external drive so that I could install it on my other PC, that went fine..

I had done a full backup yesterday.

I then did a restart to make certain that things were o.k. and find I am back to square one,

Fans are runningPSU is o.k.

Why would the machine start o.k., and then revert bacK?

  swapper 11:45 12 Jan 2009

I have just removed, cleaned, replaced the ram.
removed some cards that are not in use.

Switched on again.

On the black screen, which I did not have last time, I am being given the option to press DEL, but the screen is frozen, I cannot press DEL.?

  swapper 22:25 12 Jan 2009


  woodchip 22:29 12 Jan 2009

As above Memory Problem, May be solved by Removing Memory Then Refit with Power off at Wall Socket. If you have more than one strip of memory Try with just one strip at a time

  skidzy 22:38 12 Jan 2009

As above...also try a known working ps2 keyboard.

  swapper 12:11 13 Jan 2009

thanks guys, I will have to wait now, I hve taken the drive to my local PC Man, I was getting desperate??

I will come back.

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