Two Antivirus Systems Installed

  Legslip 01:25 17 Jan 2010

My pals PC (Dell Dimension E521/ Win Vista) has the full paid for version of AVG Internet Security installed together with Norton 360. There does not appear to be anything that is presenting itself as a conflict of interest but I am aware that more than one antivirus prog can cause probs. Should I leave well alone or remove one and if so, which one?

  Strawballs 08:02 17 Jan 2010

They will see each others virus definitions as a virus as to which one to uninstall that is a matter of choice, some people will insist you get rid of Norton, in the past I would have been one of those but I have been using 360 and it is nothing like Norton of old. Go to the Beta forum and read the comments on the tests done on v4

  Andsome 08:07 17 Jan 2010

GET RID OF NORTON. Two AV systems are a NO NO.

  rawprawn 08:28 17 Jan 2010

If it's not a rude question, how did your friend manage to put two paid for AV programs on?
I have never liked Norton, but as Strawballs points out the new 360 seems to be a winner. I would uninstall AVG and try with Norton. If they are both paid for he can always take Norton off if he doesn't like it, and reinstall AVG.

  mooly 09:06 17 Jan 2010

Remember to use the proper removal tools... never just uninstall via windows.

  Legslip 10:19 17 Jan 2010

Mmmmm...... Consensus seems to be to get rid of one of them. Opinions seem to be split so a coin may decide. I'll finalise when done. Thanks

  Legslip 21:09 17 Jan 2010

Came down tails and AVG removed. That is not critical of AVG which I have always found to be sound.

  Woolwell 21:52 17 Jan 2010

I think that was the right decision. Paid for Norton (latest version) is imo better than AVG.

BTW this isn't a possible cause of the printer prob is it?

  rdave13 22:16 17 Jan 2010

Just a cleanup tool in case anything left over; click here

  Audio~~Chip 00:31 18 Jan 2010

take the loss, use the norton removal tool after avail from here click here

What will happen if nothing done, they will fight against each other for protection, so the security will be very weak.

  hogan8 01:28 18 Jan 2010

I have Avast Free, Comodo Firewall and Malwarebytes Superantispyware - all free editions installed. They seem to work OK together, previously had Kapersky trial but system seemed to run slow so changed to above on recommendation from forum members now system much quicker - hope protection as good.

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