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Two 24" monitors or one 32"?

  David Sionnach 14:30 14 May 2018

My home office PC currently has a dual monitor setup. I have one LG 24" main monitor and one 19" heritage model that is beginning to give up the ghost. I had thought about just replacing the latter with another 24", but now wonder is replacing both with a single 32" model would be better. The system is used 99% for typical office applications, but I usually have multiple applications open at one time (web browser, MS Word, PDF, email). The single monitor option is attractive for it is simpler and neater (fewer cables), but I am worried that the resolution would not be as good as 2 x 24"?

  Ian in Northampton 14:56 14 May 2018

For me, a dual monitor setup is essential. I use my PC similarly to you and the ability to have e.g. Chrome open on one monitor and Word open on another is essential. Yes, you could have both open on a single larger screen, but I don't think it would be nearly as effective. I hear you on the cable clutter thing, though - but in my mind, it's a price will worth paying.

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