twitching graphics

  JOHN232 07:00 20 Dec 2005

I think that I may have caused this problem myself as I was trying to clear some programmes from my computer the otehr day and may have got rid of something that I shouldn't have. Anyway, the problem I have is that some graphics keep twitching and shaking, particularly for the first ten seconds or so after I've opened a page. It's continuous on some pages, especially if there are moving graphics on that page. It's very irritating.

Please keep any suggestions very simple as I'm a bit of a novice !! Thanks

  xania 08:48 20 Dec 2005

Could be that your graphics driver has been damaged. You may get away with reinstallation over the top, otherwise uninstall and reinstall.

  JOHN232 09:29 20 Dec 2005

I'm sorry but could someone help me in running me through how I do this. To be honest I don't know where to find my graphics driver.

  gudgulf 10:16 20 Dec 2005

Are you using Windows XP?

If so you could try using System Restore to return the pc to before the problem occurred.

  JOHN232 16:35 20 Dec 2005

I'm operating on Windows 98.

  xania 19:16 23 Dec 2005

The graphics driver will have come with your graphics card. The manual should tell you how to remove and reinstall the drivers. Failing that, let me know what make and model your grpahics card is and I'll try to take you further.

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