Twinhan tv tuner not getting most channels

  celticdragon 21:56 01 May 2007

Hi everyone, been reading these forums for the last couple of months and been impressed with your wealth of knowledge. Decided to call on your knowledge for the first time today regarding my new computer and tv tuner.
I'm currently running Windows Vista and i've been trying to configure my Twinhan tv tuner (3056 hybrid tuner model) to work with Media center.
When i scan for digital channels I'm only receiving 7 channels. This is despite using the same outside ariel i use for my freeview box, which recieves 60 channels.
I'm in an area of Wales where, technically, I shouldn't recieve digital terrestrial, but as i said my freeview box has no problem recieving the channels (ariel is quite high up).
My Tv tuner driver is the latest specific Vista driver too.
I'm therefore running out of ideas to get it working properly. Do you think an ariel booster might help, or do you guys have any other ideas???

  Stuartli 22:36 01 May 2007

Is the Twinhan BDA driver the just released 1.803 - it was previously.

I have the Twinhan 3054 Freeview D+A PCI TV card and it brings in all the Winter Hill TV and radio programmes.

  Stuartli 22:37 01 May 2007

Sorry, for get that - misread the lists...:-(

  celticdragon 23:10 01 May 2007

Sorry to be thick but what does the BDA driver do? Where can I find which one i've got? The tv tuner driver i have is

  celticdragon 23:10 01 May 2007

P.S Thanks for your earlier response.

  woodchip 23:19 01 May 2007

It looks to me like you are scanning the analog tuner, not freeview

  Stuartli 23:19 01 May 2007

Your 3056 is the follow up to my card and you will most likely require BDA drivers (not sure how it fits in with Media Center).

Easy enough to download the drivers, use WinZip to open them and then install. You will need to reboot afterwards.

However, check that you are using terrestial digital scanning (DTB), tick aerial input and select UK as the country source, not analogue (this can be done afterwards).

  Stuartli 23:22 01 May 2007

You appear to have a later driver than that on the Twinhan website (

I would also read the notice under the BDA drivers download section.

  celticdragon 00:54 02 May 2007

Thanks for your suggestions. Isn't driver version newer than driver
To clarify i have installed with Vista. I've just spent another hour "tinkering" with not much luck.
The situation at the moment is I have BBC channels playing perfectly. ITV and Channel 4 have been found but aren't playing, i think due to poor signal. Is there any way to check signal strength in Media center? As i said earlier the signal strength is fine for my freeview tuner, using the same ariel.
I'm definately scanning digital terrestrial channels by the way, I do have The Hits channel for instance.
I'm scratching my head in frustration.

  daba 01:54 02 May 2007

don't assume that just because your freeview box gets all the channels, that your PC tuner will.

i would recommend you get an aerial installer to check your signal strength with your aerial setup - it shouldn't cost a lot for just a test.

i'm in an area thar can successfully get freeview from a set-top loop aerial, but my dvb pc tuner failed miserably.

after replacing existing aerial with a wide-band Televes aerial the PC tuner is working fantastic

my guess these PC add-on cards are not as good as the technology built into the freeview boxes.

  celticdragon 02:17 02 May 2007

I think i might try a signal booster before i consider getting a better outside aerial. The rest of the house tv's get a good signal via freeview boxes. Thanks for all your replies folks, keep messaging if you have any further suggestions, all welcome.

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