twinhan tv card advice

  stubrow 15:18 25 Jan 2006

i have a twinhan ter d+a pci card i have read some of the postings on this forum and i have found them useful but still having trouble with picture freezing . what strength of signal is required for this card i have 2 other digiboxes running off the same high gain aerial perfectly well. also which software powercinema which came with it or twinhans own software & drivers can anybody help as i have removed all traces of software for this card and intend to start from scratch.

  Stuartli 16:13 25 Jan 2006

I have the same card - providing you get around 70 per cent signal strength and quality in the 90s pictures and sound are fine.

The PowerCinema drivers and software that orignally came with the card was a stop gap until Twinhan produced and refined its own versions.

If you go to click here and download the Hybrid 2.611a software and the latest (VP-3504) BDA drivers (there's a choice of WHQL certified or "Latest" with the same version number), it's easy to set up.

Install the drivers first and then the software. Once this has been done - you will have to reboot at least three times!) - you open the Control Panel of the software and click on the small grenn section on the left to open a panel.

Second from right (top level) is the Configuration button. For the first open the second tab, check the boxes from around channel 23 onwards, and then go to the first tab (Easy setup).

Select Country Scan (UK 44) and also the Analogue box (if you want analogue TV stations as well) and then let the software do the scan.

Once this has been done and OK'd open the Favourites panel, where all the Freeview TV and radio stations will be listed (also in the second tab from the Configuration button).

Some may be duplicated - due to some stations switching at certain times such as BBC3 and 4 with the Children's Channels).

On the Control Panel (bottom right button) there's a video adjustment section. I find that just the brightness setting needs increasing slightly to prevent too dark a display).

You'll also find a Help section is available if you get lost...:-)

  Stuartli 16:16 25 Jan 2006

Much of the quality of the pictures and sound depends very much on the strength of the various MUX signals being transmitted - ITV is sometimes not very good from Winter Hill and others too judging by comments in the Digital TV cards forums.

  rsinbad 16:30 25 Jan 2006

i have been thinking of buying this card, where are the best buy's and how do you rate twinhan compared with others?

  stubrow 16:36 25 Jan 2006

thanks stuartli very helpful. i think maybe my aerial should be repositioned higher to get a stronger signal not getting 70% about 59% from crystal palace

  stubrow 16:53 25 Jan 2006

PS my card came from and cost £46.99 + £4.99 delivery.

  Stuartli 17:48 25 Jan 2006

I bought my card from:

click here

Details of the card (which can also be used to watch and/or record VHS and games console inputs) are at:

click here


It's not the card as much as the software which is supplied - some people even swap it for Showshifter or similar.

Twinhan's cards have, in the past, also been rebadged by Chaintech.

  Stuartli 21:02 25 Jan 2006

This link has just arrived about aerials (!) - it's a wideband aerial so will pick up all the Freeview channels:

click here

  stubrow 14:54 26 Jan 2006

thanks stuartli everything working well and hasnt frozen once it says weak signal occasionally on the screen which i will sort out with the aerial also im pleased with the way the new twinhan software installs without using decompression software such as winrar as you did before.

  Stuartli 16:06 26 Jan 2006

I get the weak signal (or Weak Singal according to the message) occasionally - I think it's the software rather than signal strength.

The return of the Twinhan software was a welcome relief apart from, as you state, the WinRAR version, which was three times the download size of the latest zip versions...:-)

I had quite an exchange of e-mails with a Twinhan representative in Taiwan, who kept me informed of news of the arrival of the new software; the company was obviously aware of the fact that the PowerCinema software was causing some grief for buyers of the D+A card.

The Twinhan straightforward Freeview card I had previously was excellent along with the earlier software - I changed it because of the greater versatility of the D+A version.

  smurfling 16:26 26 Jan 2006

Stuartli I see on your link to Vadim that they have stopped selling Twinhan due to lack of response and poor support from them.

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