Twin DVI Not Working - Please Help

  jfar32 16:06 01 Nov 2007

I am having a problem with my new graphics card - a GeForce 8600GT.

If you want to use both dvi outputs is there anything you need to do or should it detect them automatically?

The first output, nearest to the slot, works fine with the monitor, however when I plug in the dvi to hdmi cable (which links to the lcd tv), the card does not detect the presence of the tv. I have tried adding the lcd through the multiple monitors tab from the nvidia app but it keeps saying that the second monitor is 'disconnected'

What should i do?

  crosstrainer 16:11 01 Nov 2007

An HDMI tv? You can try downloading the latest drivers from:

click here

If your tv is not HDMO capable, you need to obtain a digital to analouge adaptor (should have come with the card. Otherwise, check the settings in the Nvidia control panel.

  crosstrainer 16:11 01 Nov 2007

HDMI, not HDMO :)

  jfar32 16:19 01 Nov 2007

Tv is 1980x1080 and can receive a signal via an dvi-hdmi converter - it has been tested with a macbook before.

Will try the driver

Have moved the monitor to the second dvi slot... no signal. Do you need to 'unblock' the second slot or is the card faulty? Are there any tests that you can run to determine the functionality of the card itself?

  crosstrainer 16:22 01 Nov 2007

Settings are correct in the control panel (advanced) section, then you could have a faulty card....Have you connected the extra power lead at the top right hand corner of the card?

Remove and re-seat the card is also worth a try, and if all this fails then it looks as though it may have a fault.

  jfar32 16:23 01 Nov 2007

power lead?

  crosstrainer 16:26 01 Nov 2007

Just checked the tech spec, the 8600 does not require the extra power connections. Try the other suggestions and see what happens.

  jfar32 16:28 01 Nov 2007

thank you

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