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  dublincity 18:38 03 Jul 2005

Hi - I've been using the Helproom Forum on this site for a few years but this is my first visit to the Network Forum.

I've got 2 PC's (a dodgy old one and a new one), both on XP Pro, running at the same time using a KVM Switch and a USB-USB Data Transfer set-up. I've connected up the ethernet cards in each PC with a crossover cable and after some problems have used the wizard to instal a home network.

When I want to connect to the internet, I can't (at anyrate, the dial-up box no longer pops up when I click the OE or IE icons) and when I don't want to connect, the PC dials up automatically - that seems to be set for once every 2 minutes - and unless I pull out the modem cable from the phone socket I'm online without knowing it.

I've looked at the various options but can't find what I need - I just want to be able to dial-up upon request only with no auto-dialling when my back's turned.

Any advice will be welcomed. Thanks.

  John-259217 20:59 03 Jul 2005

If you look at the properties for the shared internet connection (the modem), under advanced you should see options for "Establish a dial-up connection whenever a computer on my network attempts to access the internet" and "Allow other network users to control or disable this networl connection".

You could try un-ticking these which may stop the problem. You may also need to select never dial when a connection is not present.

Whilst this may stop the problem it`s not very satisfactory as the networked PC and possibly the main one will require you to manually establish the dial-up connection before you can go online.

The usual reason for this is software that attempts to "phone home".

Your anti-virus software for example may be set to check for updates whenever an internet connection is present - which as far as it knows is always the case when the LAN is connected.

Even if you re-configure every piece of software you can find you`ll still get the problem as Microsoft seems to require Windows to "check in" whenever it gets the chance.

Hopefully someone else may post a better solution?

  dublincity 23:30 03 Jul 2005

Thanks m73john. I can't find boxes you mention under 'Advanced'.

I think I've got over the problem. If I disable the LAN (either from the desktop icon or the taskbar icon) then the auto-dialling doesn't seem to occur and I have some peace and can then, if needed, make a direct dial-up in the usual fashion. By re-enabling the LAN (that needs to be done on both PC's), I revert to the auto-dial and both PC's then become connected. I'll keep an eye on it.

  John-259217 02:50 04 Jul 2005

Sorry I posted that in a bit of a rush so it`s not as clear as it could be.

On the PC with the modem you need to go to Control Panel/Network connections.

Right click the connection under dial-up (the one that uses the modem) that you are using and select properties.

You should see five tabs, the last one being advanced. On this tab you should see the settings relating to the Windows Firewall and Internet Connection Sharing. This is where the first two selection boxes (and a third "Allow other network users to connect through this computer`s Internet connection" WHICH MUST REMAIN TICKED) I mentioned above should be.

If they are not there it could be that your connection was set up automatically by your ISP`s software (AOL, for example can create a connection that prevents you from changing some properties in the usual way and they are not the only one). If so let me know and I`ll try and remember the way round it.

The last setting, "never dial a connection" is found by opening Internet Explorer then going to the tools menu, selecting Internet options and looking on the connections tab. (Not normally a problem as it should only have an effect when you open Internet Explorer, however some programs may do this to launch a registration page or such like).

From the second paragraph of your original post I would think that the Internet Explorer settings are already on "Never dial a connection" - hence the reason you no longer automatically get a connection when you start OE and IE.

Whats happening is that the second PC views the LAN connection as an "always on Internet connection" and makes requests accordingly. The first PC, as per it`s settings is connecting to complete those requests. An example of this would be Windows Update if you have it set to check for updates automatically.

I`ve stopped it on some systems by switching off as many "automatic" settings as I can and using a firewall. Having watched the programs which are flagged as attempting to connect to the Internet, I then add them to the Firewalls list of blocked programs.

It`s messy though and not really a good solution (although I can`t imagine why Windows help and support for example feels it needs to connect to the Internet when updates are disabled anyway!!! And it`s not the only offender).


  John-259217 03:00 04 Jul 2005

I could have added that spyware programs, which are inclined to try to connect aggressively anyway, may increase the network requests even if they are running on the first PC.

ICS may make it easier for such programs to force a connection so it may be worthwhile running a scanning program such as adaware or spybot (assuming you don`t already as a forum member for several years - lol).

  dublincity 03:52 04 Jul 2005

Many thanks - the immediate problem was sorted out (last paragraph above) - fortunately, disabling and re-enabling the LAN with a click seems (so far) to be trouble-free and the way to proceed.

I'll study all of your detail since I need to understand a lot more about all the devious settings.

Like you, I have the Firewall (mine is ZA) block everything - or at anyrate, flag up attempts - both 'in' & 'out'.

My ISP is Plusnet and they give very little useful help to connect - but, ok, it's a local rate helpline!

I've got AdAware - just been told that my definitions were 10,000 days out of date! The Atomic Clock then re-set the PC's time by 3 years.

Also Spybot, Microshaft Beta, Spyware Guard, Spyware Blaster and a few more freebies. Win Patrol also is a 'must-have' for me.


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