Tweaked ADSL,reset to defaults?

  Chegs ® 14:59 06 Aug 2004

Without running SFC /SCANNOW,as I have customised a lot of my PC(Start button changed colour,etc)I like to play Need For Speed Underground online,I regularly find I'm unable to switch "rooms" in the game,until I tweak my connection settings.This isn't difficult,there are a heap of tools online to adjust MTU/Receive latency/Time to live/Session keep alive/Path MTU/NDI Cache.My problem is,if I tweak my connection to improve games,my d/l's slow significantly from 50-60Kbs/s to approx half,not normally a problem as I can readjust the settings for each but I applied change after change recently before I finally succeeded in the game allowing a choice of "room".Now I want to d/l some hefty files,and I cannot reset the default settings to improve my d/l's to a previous time.Any suggestions?(apart from the obvious,eg,leave 'em alone in future)

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  Chegs ® 20:08 07 Aug 2004

I succeeded in getting NFS Underground working,went online for a game and my PC crashed and screwed up the changes I had made.Its back to the "Default" room again!Looks like I'm going to have to run SFC /SCANNOW then recustomise my desktop. :-(

  Dipso 22:42 07 Aug 2004

Depends on what you used to tweak. I use DrTCP, with this you just blank all boxes, click Save then Exit then reboot.

If you are still using a USB modem, uninstalling the software can also make tweaked settings revert to default.

Good luck!

  Chegs ® 23:01 07 Aug 2004

I have used DrTCP,"Autofix" from PC Pitstop,"Network Optimiser" and "CyberTweak" at varying times recently.I altered the various settings individually,then tried the game until I got a choice of "rooms",it just meant I had to leave NFSU minimised to the taskbar when not actually playing(once it was working)This was why its crashing caused these settings to alter.I have tried SFC /SCANNOW but it hasn't helped,according to whichever app I use to view/alter the settings,they are "as was" beforehand and NFSU still doesn't give me a choice,it only allows me into a "room" ALL by myself(boohoo,I'm lonely!)

I use an ADSL modem/router combo,if I mess with any of the settings now,my connection gets slower.This was why I was after returning to "XP Defaults" then start tweaking again to get NFSU working properly.I also have the additional(unknown)factor that it might not be my end,it could be eagames server(although its pinging at the same rates as usual)If it is the server,its never been this bad for as long before.

  Chegs ® 11:27 08 Aug 2004

I finally managed to configure my settings to allow a choice of "room" in the game,played for a bit lastnite,but it refuses to allow a choice today,even though I had just minimised the game to taskbar whilst not playing.I give up,and will probably stop playing the game instead,its easier.

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