TV/Computer monitor set-up for presentations

  Natasha Lobo 12:31 24 Jan 2019

I have a set-up at office that I am trying to figure out. These are the components: -2 HP computer monitors hooked to a desktop -1 samsung smart tv hooked to same computer via an HDMI cable I am trying to get the TV to duplicate one of the computer monitor screens but am unable to do it so far. This is what all we have tried: -setting up on the display properties through the duplicate screen set up on the desktop -switching the graphic cards to newer ones to see if compatibility was an issue -used an HDMI to VGA cable to hook-up the tv to see if that makes a difference.

so far no luck, the TV still behaves like an independent 3rd screen. I need it to duplicate any one of my computer screens. Any thoughts or tips out there?

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