[DELETED] 22:01 09 Oct 2003

Can anyone recommend a TV Tuner for a notebook. Also will all TV Tuner cards fit any notebook.

  Belatucadrus 22:13 09 Oct 2003

No TV card will fit a notebook, assuming you have USB, you need an external device like this click here

  [DELETED] 14:48 10 Oct 2003

Thanks for your response Belatucadrus.

I'm looking at purchasing a Mesh Power View 17.1" Notebook.

An 'Optional Module' is offered and this is a TV Tuner Device with remote control for an extra £99.

I had assumed that it would be an internal device, but obviously not.

I can get an external device for half that price as you have shown me.

Many thanks.

  Al94 15:02 10 Oct 2003

Think I can help you here. I have been using a Hauppauge WinTV USB tuner for about a year, it's a great bit of kit although the teletext is a bit "iffy" sometimes but may be down to signal strength. Works great with laptop and I also use it to transfer analogue video from camcorder to pc for editing and saving on CD. click here

  Al94 15:05 10 Oct 2003

Sorry Belatucadrus,had to take a phone call while preparing thread, see you pointed Shirgles down the same route.

  Belatucadrus 15:05 10 Oct 2003

SHIRGLES looking at the website click here it says the Powerview 17 has a subwoofer that is "interchangable with optional TV tuner and optional 6-in-1 card reader". So it appears in this case I was wrong, the Mesh TV tuner is internal, but also appears to be a specialised custom module that may even be unique to Mesh.

  [DELETED] 15:18 10 Oct 2003

Thank you Belatucadrus and Al94 for your input.

  [DELETED] 19:31 29 Oct 2003

hi guys...i've just purchase a notebook also and i am looking for a similar product.having checked the links i must say i'm shocked at the range of products available. not wanting to put anyone on a spot would anyone recommend a particular product for use with a dell inspirion 5100

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