akak 15:44 05 Mar 2006

i bought a philips LS1400 running windows MCE and when i try to access live tv, a blue screen appears. according to the antenna may be loose, but its not. is the pc faulty?

any help would be appreciated thanx

ps i just connected the aerial to the back of the pc, am i missing something obvious here?
also, the manual shows a yellow wire connecting to the pc but doesnt tell me where to plug the other end! and i cant find anywhere that it could plug into

also, i think i dont have any software included for the card, its a Hauupauge but i never got any WinTV software. i just access it in Media Center through My TV, Live TV but i still get just a blue screen. Help!

  Smiler 15:56 05 Mar 2006

Have you tuned in the stations?

  akak 16:01 05 Mar 2006

i thought of that before but hey im a little slow and i have no idea how to tune in so please SPELL IT OUT FOR ME!!!!

  Smiler 16:07 05 Mar 2006

This is where you will need some software to access the tv card.
I would have expected the software to be already installed though.

  akak 16:09 05 Mar 2006

thats what i thought
damn PC World
never shopping with them again

  Smiler 16:17 05 Mar 2006

Why not go back to PCWorld and get them to sort it.

  Smiler 16:18 05 Mar 2006

Just had a thought are you in an area that can receive freeview signals?

  Smiler 16:19 05 Mar 2006

Before you ask click here

  akak 16:21 05 Mar 2006

yes i am in a freeview area
i'll go back to pcworld and ask why i dont have any tv software
their site doesnt hepl much, nor does the philips site

  Smiler 16:32 05 Mar 2006

"their site doesnt hepl much, nor does the philips site"

Yes I know I've been trying

  akak 16:54 05 Mar 2006

hey u wont believe this
i tried all day yesterday and got nothing
now i downloaded tv guide listings and tried again and bbc 1, bb2, and itv work. however channel 4 and 5 still dont work, plus i was supposed to get digital tv. any ideas?

still dont know what had caused the problem plus i dont know what tv software i have

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