TV Tuner PCI Card

  Llyffant 22:07 25 Feb 2004

Can anyone help please?
I've seen an advert at
click here
Being able to watch TV and video, Sky and use PlayStation 2 via the monitor would make ideal space savings here at present.
It is an area I know little about though - is this all I need to install for the monitor to work as a TV or are there more parts, etc. required?
How difficult can they be to install and set up?
Any advice or guidance would be very much appreciated.
Thank you

  dazzling (work) 22:23 25 Feb 2004

if it does what it says then it is a very good buy.i have a hauppauge 250 pvr card which does simmilar but without the radio for a lot more money.all you need to do is put the card in a spare pci slot and install the drivers.the only thing extra you will need is an areial lead to the back of your computer if you want sky as well the lead will need to come from the rf 2 output on the back of your digibox or you could use the video s output i use rf2.darren

  Chegs ® 22:25 25 Feb 2004

The TV card should be all you need to install to get TV on the PC,but I have two different cards.One works fine with latest DX9b,the other freezes as soon as I upgrade to it.The other thing that I find annoying is the one that works with DX9b,keeps "drifting" off frequency,and whilst off frequency the TV sound has a hissing noise coming thru with the TV sound.If I drop to DX-9a,it behaves itself. ;-)

Cheapo components from darkest Taiwan,no doubt!

  HtiekGnidrah 11:37 03 Mar 2004

1. Upgrade to DirectX 9.0b and reboot your PC

2. Install Microsoft Patch - NTSC-J, PAL, and SECAM TV Tuner Hotfix for DirectX 9.0b on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 (KB825116)- This hotfix corrects a flaw in NTSC-J, PAL, and SECAM TV Tuner support introduced by the DirectX 9.0b release.

I found it then works perfectly (using a Radeon 9700 Pro graphics card anyway)

  Llyffant 21:36 03 Mar 2004

Thanks everyone - assistance much appreciated

  kimosabi 22:42 04 Mar 2004

HtriekGnidrah s quite right hd the same prob
directx ver 9.0b stopped me getting the tuner
download microsoft patch (KB825116) will do the trick mine now works fine

good luck

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