TV Tuner PC Card Problem - Medion Titanium 8800

  plusman 11:14 09 Dec 2005

I recently bought a Medion 8800 PC from Aldi that comes with a TV card containing a dual analogue, dual digital terrestrial and dual satellite card. The PC works fine and is very quiet but I am having problems receiving the digital terrestrial channels using the in-built TV card on the PC.

I can receive the 5 analogue channels fine and if I plug in the cable from my Sky satellite aerial I can receive the FTA satellite channels OK. However when I try and use either of the dual digital terrestrial tuners I only receive 5 digital channels (UK History, E4+1, Sky News, Sky Sports, Sky Travel/Three) - all of these seem to come from one multiplexer (C) on my local transmitter (Crystal Palace, ca. 16 miles away).

I have just upgraded my aerial and also bought a stand-alone Freeview receiver (a cheap Digilogic one for £30 from Tesco) to check that my aerial and cable were OK - using these I can pick up all the digital terrestrial channels and radio stations with high signal levels. However when I plug the same aerial/cable into the 8800, I only get 5 - so it seems as if my aerial/cables are fine, but that the problem lies somewhere with the Medion TV capture card.

I have tried both RF inputs on the card with the same 5-channel only result.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks for your help.

  BH34 11:57 09 Dec 2005

Have a look here click here

  plusman 12:44 09 Dec 2005


Thanks for the advice. I was already aware of that site and posted a copy of the query there this morning.

I was just wondering if any of the experts on this forum could help advise.

Many Thanks.

  Stuartli 13:03 09 Dec 2005

Why this system requires three TV tuner cards is puzzling.

There's also the fact that using more than one TV card which contains the same chipset itself is not possible, although I'm not sure of the type used in these examples.

Could be worth removing the satellite version and sticking with the Freeview terrestial digital card.

The analogue card will be to pick up the basic UHF TV channels and, if featured, FM radio stations.

  plusman 16:51 09 Dec 2005


All of the tuners are on a single PCI card (made by Phillips, but appartently exclusive to Medion) - so I can't remove any of the individual tuners. There are 4 connections at the back - 2 "F-type" connectors for the satellite cables and 2 "RF-type" normal aerial connectors for the terrestrial links.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:12 09 Dec 2005

Be very careful when using the "settings" to scan for channels.

signal settings = digital

TV source = cable (I know your'e plugging in an aeril but it appears to work better)

region = united kingdom

  Stuartli 13:24 10 Dec 2005

The RF coaxial cable connections are, obviously, for digital terrestial and analogue signals.

However, there's little point in using the analogue version as Freeview covers the five main UK TV stations in any case (unless analogue also has FM radio capability), otherwise you would need to either keep swapping the coaxial cable connection or split the supply and that would reduced signal strength to each connection.

  plusman 13:45 12 Dec 2005

Still no luck.

When I connect a stand-alone freeview receiver to my my aerial I can get all digital channels with a high signal level (don't know about the quality level as I can only see a bar for "signal"). With the 8800 I can only receive 5 channels from Crystal Palace (ca. 16 miles away) - and all channel are on the "C" multiplex.

I have (without success)tried the following on the Medion 8800 (which contains a Medion/Phillips SAA7131 Hybrid Capture device):
* Downloaded and installed the latest PowerCinema and TV Tuner drivers from the Medion website.
* Reinstalled PowerCinema and the latest patch.
* Uninstalled the TV card and reinstalled them.
* Tried using Showshifter (only get 5 channels)
* Tried using gbpvr and media portal - but can't get them working with the SA-7131 card in the Medion 8800.
* Brought the PC and monitor up to my attic and plugged them into the aerial with a 2 m lead - still only get 5 channels; and the signal level doesn't seem to change much when I move the aerial horizontally through ca. 20' each side of the direct line to the transmitter.
* I can receive analog signals fine.
* I can only receive analogue signals in the Linux version of PowerCinema and no digital channels. I have also installed the latest version of the Linux system (dated Dec 9th) from the Medion website and get the same problem.

Any suggestions appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:17 12 Dec 2005
  Stuartli 14:23 12 Dec 2005

Having suffered weeks of suffering with PowerCinema 4.0 originally supplied with my TwinHan DTV-ter D+A Freeview PCI card, I know how you feel; it's slow, unresponsive and a complete waste of time for such use.

However, since TwinHan brought out the latest version of its BDA drivers and version 2.61 of its own software, everything has been turned right round.

I pick up all the Winter Hill TV and radio channels (82 in all), I get a TV picture and sound within seconds of opening the TwinHan software and it's all back to normality.

I can only presume that using PowerCinema was a stop gap on the part of TwinHan until it got its own offering right.

The one thing I remember with PowerCinema that you might have missed is to select the digital signal input when asked if you wish to scan digital or analogue transmissions; the thought arises because you say you only get five channels and these are presumably analogue transmissions.

  plusman 14:42 12 Dec 2005


No - I have switched between the analogue and digital settings. On analogue I receive the 5 normal terrestrial stations; on digital I receive 5 different digital channels (Sky News, Sky Sports News, E4+1, Sky three and UK History) - they all broadcast from one of the multiplexes (C) from Crystal Palace. I just can't get any of the other digital terrestrial channels (though I can get them fine on a freeview set-top box using the same aerial/cables).

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