TV tuner card for laptop

  prycey 11:55 26 Sep 2006

wen i bought my laptop i received an ariel for the option of watching tv on my laptop. i've got a bit of spare money and am now looking for a tv tuner card to go with it. any recommendations?

  ArrGee 11:57 26 Sep 2006

click here

This is a hybrid digital and analogue stick.

  ArrGee 12:05 26 Sep 2006

Available here for £40

click here

  Stuartli 12:55 26 Sep 2006

Similar K-World product for half the price at:

click here

  ArrGee 14:43 26 Sep 2006

If you need help with choosing between a hybrid (as I have mentioned), or just digital (as Stuartli has mentioned) let us know.

  prycey 15:44 26 Sep 2006

yeah, what's the differences and
advantages/disadvantages of each?

my main reason for getting one is to record tv programmes onto my laptop when i'm out

  ArrGee 15:49 26 Sep 2006

With the digital one, you'll be able to pick up the Freeview channels.

I use an digital/analogue one because I can then record programmes from my Sky+ box.

The Sky box outputs an analogue signal from one of the RF outputs. This (using a standard co-ax cable) is linked into my K-World stick, which in turn is plugged into my laptop for recording.

  HXP 15:51 26 Sep 2006

I brought a Freecom USB stick click here


Very good as long as you link to a fixed ariel - supplied one ok if you are in a goos area.

Advantage - use it my desktop PC portable to my son's laptop, no need to fit internally.
Records programmes fine
Plug in & go



  prycey 16:03 26 Sep 2006

oh cool, thanks ArrGee. i'll probably get a digital one then; it's between the Freecom and K-World stick

  ArrGee 16:10 26 Sep 2006

Just to make sure that it's all clear, the digital one is just digital, whereas the hybrid one is both digital and analogue.

  Stuartli 16:16 26 Sep 2006

I have a Twinhan Freeview DVB-ter D+A (Digital + Analogue) TV card, but it's a PCI version...:-)

As the five analogue channels are also available on Freeview the reason I got the D+A version was because it is able to input signals from a VCR, games console etc if necessary.

I appreciate that the KWorld model you mentioned is also this type but, unless prycey requires these facilities, there's no sense in paying twice as much...:-)


I've seen the Freecom (actually a rebadged product from another company whose name begins with Y, but I can't remember the full name off-hand) at between £20 and £25 at some online outlets.

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