Tv Tuner!

  pac73 23:09 12 Mar 2007

Ive bought a second hand Medion pc,its got a Tv Tuner.What can i actually do with a tv tuner?
Can i get leads which attach to my pc from my tv.Or can i attach leads from Sky to my pc?Cheers,Paul.

  woodchip 23:14 12 Mar 2007

Just plug a Ariel in and watch TV on it. You should have got a Remote with it

  pac73 23:16 12 Mar 2007

I did,nt get the remote with it,ive only just found out ive got a tv tuner.So what do i need to do now.And how do i actually get the tv pictures?

  woodchip 23:26 12 Mar 2007

Ariel socket in the card at the back. There may be software loaded on the Computer so you can work it with your mouse. You would start the software after putting a Ariel in. It should then bring something up on screen. I am not familiar with the Medion card. If you start it there should be a help file, or press F1

  pac73 23:30 12 Mar 2007

Cheers woodchip,ill look into it now.

  Stuartli 23:36 12 Mar 2007

Apart from the aerial requirement, you should be able to ascertain what software is used from Start>Programs>make of PCI TV card listing.

  woodchip 00:03 13 Mar 2007

Don't forget you will have to do a TV Chanel Scan

  terryf 00:19 13 Mar 2007

You can use Pinnacle studio to watch tv with a tuner, you may find that the medion has it installed.

  pac73 00:20 13 Mar 2007

Yes,ive sussed it.I had to install Medion Power Cinema.Its a good job,the guy gave me all the discs when i bought the pc.Thanks woodchip,and Stuartli.

  Stuartli 07:55 13 Mar 2007

PowerCinema is by Cyberlink - not the greatest piece of software for TV tuner use I found, being somewhat slow and cumbersome in this role. See:

click here

You may well be able to find updates and patches for your version here.

  pac73 17:02 13 Mar 2007

Thanks Stu,but does anybody know if i can get a lead that will connect from the back of my Sky box,to the back of my pc.So that i can watch Sky on my pc.

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