novis 10:53 08 Aug 2011

THIS MIGHT NOT BE THE APPROPRIATE FORUM FOR THIS QUESTION - i WOULD BE GRATEFUL IF SOMEONE COULD RE-DIRECT ME TO AN APPROPRIATE ONE. Both my previous and my current television frequently vibrate when certain voice types are speaking; sometimes it is in response to music. I currently have a Humax TV with 'Trusurround'. It allows me to modify the sound but I don't know what setting to adjust it to. If anyone can help it would be appreciated.

  Graphicool1 11:30 08 Aug 2011


"It allows me to modify the sound but I don't know what setting to adjust it to."

Can't you just experiment, you can't break anything, unless you have the volume too high and blow the speakers?!. It's difficult for someone else to instruct you - remotely - how to set up your TV either sound of vision. It's all a matter of personal taste.

Here's a point of fact, everytime I used to visit my inlaws the colour of their TV was always set so everyone on screen looked 'bright red'. So I would adjust it to what I perceived to be considered real colour. But next time I went it had always been reset back to the way it was. After a few goes, I got the message. It was the way they preferred it to look.

  gengiscant 11:35 08 Aug 2011

A pretty good answer 'Graphicool1' I have had a similar situation happen to me.

As 'Graphicool1' says play around with the various settings till you get what you want.

  amonra 13:40 08 Aug 2011

The sound from the average TV set is governed by size of the speakers, which in turn is govererned by space available. In most modern slimline sets the speakers are small eliptical types not exactly noted for audio quality. If you really want good quality sound, then try some external speakers (if there is a socket ?) or failing that, do what I have done and feed the audio from the earphone socket into your music-centre/audio player/ghetto blaster. You can then adjust the sound to your own personal preferences.

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