TV sat card

  Desperate-Dan 09:50 07 Nov 2008

I'm thinking of going for the Skystar 2 sat tv tuner its on Amazon and looks like a good deal, but it doesn't say what version it is, the card on amazon has two coax connections click here but the same card on the Technisat web site only has one connection click here

can you guys help me out here, I'd like to get the newer version if I can.

  Desperate-Dan 10:09 07 Nov 2008

I think your right Beta, but do you what the difference is between the two, could be for freeview.

  Desperate-Dan 10:10 07 Nov 2008

Sorry i missed the know out

  Stuartli 10:13 07 Nov 2008

Look for DVB-S (satellite) and DVB-T (digital, normally Freeview) in the specifications - Beta's second link is a cable version.

  Desperate-Dan 10:17 07 Nov 2008

Thanks guys I understand now, thanks for your help.

  Stuartli 11:21 07 Nov 2008

Just one point - if you want high definition you'll need to check that the satellite card you are interest in is capable of receiving and displaying HD.


click here

at the bottom of the first page of the thread for some suitable models.

  Desperate-Dan 11:40 07 Nov 2008

Thanks for that, I don't think my system could handle HD, if it could I would go for it, My mobo is a Asus M2V-MX on board graphics and sound 2GB ram, winxp, I've been told you need a top graphics card, I think my cpu could handle it (Athlon dual core)the card I'm after is the skystar 2 DVB-S I'm googleing trying to get the best deal I can

  Stuartli 12:33 07 Nov 2008

>>I've been told you need a top graphics card, I think my cpu could handle it >>

Your graphics card will, along with your monitor,
more than likely out perform any high definition TV transmission's resolution. The CPU won't even need to draw breath.

Even my modest ATi Radeon 9550, first launched about six or seven years ago, is capable of up to 3200x1200 resolution; it's set at 1152x864 for my 21in CRT monitor and Freeview text (such as newspaper front pages displayed on Sky News's Press Preview) can be clearly read.

  Desperate-Dan 12:47 07 Nov 2008

thats great news, I bid on ebay for the skystar 2 DVB-S, if I don't win it I'll go for HD version
of skystar 2, thanks for all your time and help

  Stuartli 15:16 07 Nov 2008

The HD version would be future proof...:-)

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